Cloud Services

What are they? And what do they mean to your business? Cloud services are essentially a series of offsite servers that function in various capacities, depending on a company’s individual IT requirements.

How can cloud services help your business?

  • They can be used to store files or run software.
  • They increase mobility because they can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.
  • They reduce the need for capital expense purchases as there’s less hardware required for your in-house network.
  • They eliminate the need for software upgrade purchases since the software that’s running will always be the newest version.
  • They reduce security risks and potential threats because the level of security for cloud services rivals that of many financial institutions.
  • The applications and storage space is often scalable so you only need to purchase what your business requires.

Thinking all your network systems activity should live with cloud services? Or maybe just some of them…the ones that pose greater security risks should your system crash or get hacked? While many opportunities exist, it’s a decision not to be taken lightly and should be made only after consultation and recommendation. ActiveCo acts as an impartial yet informed third party who can make proper assessments to ensure that you have the right blend of cloud and non-cloud technology to best support your business and its objectives.


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