Managed IT Support

Is your in-house IT department overburdened? Don’t have one at all? Consider our Managed IT Support services. We proactively manage, monitor and review your network IT system 24/7 to prevent issues before they happen.  We ensure that your backups are working as planned, security software is up-to-date and your network is operating at peak performance levels. In the event that something does go wrong, we’re here to take care of the repairs while you and your staff can keep working with minimal disruption.

Can you afford an hour of downtime? In today’s economy, most companies rely heavily on their computers in the workplace and even a 60-minute disruption in service can cost thousands of dollars or more. Consider these scenarios: staff are idle waiting for online access; backups that don’t work properly can hurt your reputation (through lost client files) and negatively affect your bottom line; postponing the installment of a new server means you could end up waiting weeks for a new one when yours finally does break (which they all do); and emergency calls are typically very costly, particularly if they’re after hours.

ActiveCo’s Managed IT Support Services include:
  • Our ActiveCo Formula – a comprehensive, ongoing business alignment process
  • Dedicated Network Administrator and Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO)
  • All-inclusive access to our help desk
  • Unlimited remote and on-site support calls
  • Managed business continuity
  • Managed security software
  • Weekly proactive workstation and server maintenance
  • On-site inspection of all critical systems and devices plus a detailed report that includes key performance indicators, including server performance and security alerts
  • Asset management
  • Monthly health and backup reports
  • After-hours emergency service
Managed IT CORE

Does your in-house IT department need help? Our CORE Support Services program can help augment critical areas such as business continuity planning and asset management.

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