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Chrome is the most-used web browser (by far) so it makes sense that being able to use it faster throughout your work day makes sense, right?

Top 10 Google Chrome Tips

Here are 10 tips on how to personalize your experience!

Save Web Pages as PDF’s

  • Open any web page
  • Press CTRL+P (Cmd+P on Macs)
  • Choose “Save as PDF” from your print options

Make “Favicons” Your Bookmarks Tags

  • Right click on a bookmarked page
  • Delete the name/text, leaving only the Favicon (small image icon)

Shrink (or “Pin”) Tabs

  • Right click an open tab
  • Select “Pin Tab”
  • This will shrink the size of your tabs up top down to just the Favicon

Re-Open Recent Tabs

  • Right click on the title bar up top
  • Select “Reopen closed tab”

Go to Incognito Mode

  • Click on “Settings”
  • Select “New Incognito Window”
  • Your browsing history will not be saved in this mode

Navigate Between Tabs Quickly

  • Press CTRL+1 to open the first tab
  • Press CTRL+2 to open the second tab
  • Continue this… get the idea

Open Multiple Pages on Startup

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Select “Set Pages” under “On Startup”
  • Enter the URL’s you want to appear each time you open Chrome

Solve Math Problems

  • In the address bar, enter any math equation (without hitting enter) and get your answer

Play Media Files

  • Find media you want watch, or listen to
  • Drag & drop into the address bar on Chrome
  • Enjoy!

Bookmark All Open Tabs

  • Right click on any of your open tabs
  • Select “Bookmark All Tabs”
  • You now have a folder of tabs in your bookmark menu

Now that you’re a Chrome master, go show off! Nothing makes you look smarter than navigating your web browser faster than your neighbour!

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Jeff Penner

Jeff has been in the managed services industry since 2015, understanding what business owners are looking for from technology, and helping them find it. The most important element for a business owner taking on a new technology partner is peace of mind and thus Jeff directs his efforts on finding practical information that any leader can apply to their business. Jeff lives in Vancouver, BC, sharing his love for learning and “the great indoors” with his 2 daughters.