3 Common IT Shortcomings and How You Can Overcome Them

Jun 20, 2016

cropped-AC_Favicon.pngBusiness owners expect a lot out of their IT network, and rightfully so. However, technology isn’t perfect and can sometimes get in the way of these expectations. To overcome these technology shortcomings, IT administrators and business owners can benefit by outsourcing these expectations, especially when it comes to these three crucial aspects of IT.

IT Maintenances
IT administrators are often given lofty goals to improve the overall performance of their company’s network and infrastructure. Yet it can be a struggle for them to actually get around to achieving these goals if they’re tied down with routine IT maintenance, like applying security patches and upgrading software. What’s worse, when your IT department is stretched thin, their work suffers, fatigue can set in, and morale can deteriorate.

How ActiveCo Technology Management Can Help
When ActiveCo Technology Management co-manages your IT, we work with your current IT staff to take care of the routine maintenances that are often responsible for tying them down. The beauty of this approach is that we’re able to take care of these maintenances remotely. Essentially, we work behind the scenes so that your IT staff can have the support they need and be the rock stars you hired them to be.

IT Budget
In the same way that it’s impossible to squeeze blood out of a turnip, an IT administrator can’t implement the solutions they need if the money just isn’t there. For those tasked with overseeing technology, working with a budget passed on to them by their employer is often a major source of frustration. After all, they’re trained to work with technology, not spreadsheets.

How ActiveCo Technology Management Can Help
ActiveCo Technology Management’s managed approach to IT actually frees up money for IT budgets. By taking IT expenses that would normally be categorized as a capital expense and turning them into an operating expense, money will be freed up in the capital column. This means that your IT department will end up with more money to spend on the equipment they need to do their jobs and meet your expectations.

Security Breaches
Nothing can derail an IT objective quite like a security breach, hack attack, or computer virus. The worst thing about security breaches is that they always seem to happen at the worst possible time, like when progress is being made on an important IT project, or when you’re up against a deadline. Anybody who’s ever dealt with a security breach knows firsthand how frustrating it can be to resolve.

How ActiveCo Technology Management Can Help
When it comes to protecting your company’s data, you can benefit from having an extra set of eyes. Even if you already have an IT department in place, they would benefit from incorporating ActiveCo Technology Management’s assistance, expertise, and security solutions. One way that we can help is by remotely monitoring your company’s network for any inconsistencies and fishy behavior. This is a surefire way to catch a security threat before it breaches your network and does any damage.

To have a conversation about how we can help meet your expectations and IT goals, pick up the phone and call 604.931.3633.

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