3 Strong Incentives to Get Your Hardware Organized

Mar 15, 2019

Your business relies heavily on hardware; workstations, servers, mobile devices, and more, to keep operations moving forward. However, managing these knowledge-intensive machines can demand your time and resources and often falls in the lap of the business owner.

If you’re challenged by the management and deployment of hardware, let us guide you through the process we here at ActiveCo take on for our clients that saves them time, costs and frustrations.

Hardware is Expensive
It goes without saying that any new piece of technology is going to cost your business a pretty penny, be it a new workstation, laptop, server unit, storage component, or otherwise. An unexpected replacement could set your budget back hundreds or thousands of dollars. You may want to consider looking into Hardware as a Service to cut down on monthly costs and keep your business running with the modern hardware and security it needs. We can help.

Hardware Contains Sensitive Information
Your business’s mobile devices are likely to contain sensitive information that hackers would find quite lucrative on the black market. Many business owners don’t consider themselves a target, and that’s how hackers infiltrate them, by taking advantage of that apathy. Therefore, in order to guarantee that your mobile devices don’t become a liability, you need to take the opportunity to secure them, and ensure that your employees know how to properly use them.

Security awareness training, part of ActiveCo’s regular process and recommendations is able to keep our end users aware of the data they create and are responsible for. Are your users currently aware how important their data is?

Keeping Inventory – a Pain without Hardware Management
Employees are often given hardware solutions to stay productive at all times, even when out of the office. Yet, the nature of this mobile technology means that it’s traveling constantly, and when it’s moving all over the place, it can be difficult to track and keep secure. Furthermore, as device usage wears on, the data that’s stored on it can change. It should be your prerogative to understand which data is stored where, and how it’s being used.

Additionally, if you’ve ever had to relocate your office, you know that technology can potentially be misplaced or go missing during the move. Moving your office is enough of a pain without the added frustration of losing, or accidental damage to, an expensive workstation.

Think you may have lost something? The ability to track and “destroy” any lost devices that not only have sensitive information in them, but applications with direct links to your data can literally save your business from disaster.

If you’re having a tough time managing and keeping track of your technology assets, COMPANYNAME can help. Implementing a hardware management system (for both PC’s and mobile devices) can help you keep track of who’s got what and where.

For more information about asset management and mobile device management, reach out to us at PHONENUMBER.

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