3 VoIP Features That Have Operational Benefit

Mar 1, 2019

It isn’t as though we haven’t said this before but leveraging a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solution over a traditional business telephone system can bring your organization very clear benefits. Many of these benefits come from the advanced features that VoIP offers as add-ons and help your team engage with one another better, improve customer service goals and inter-departmental organization.

Video Conferencing
If a business frequently needs to discuss  your products or services directly, the capability to do so with the help of video can be a huge benefit. We all know how difficult some people’s emotions can be to read based on voice alone and selling face-to-face is always more engaging than selling over the phone. Video conferencing can give your communications a more personal feel and help you close more sales!

Voicemail to Email
As useful as voicemail can be, it can also feature some significant shortcomings, especially if one isn’t in the habit of checking theirs. As it isn’t a very visible solution, it can be easy to miss a message, or have it slip the mind. Email, on the other hand, doesn’t offer these difficulties to near the same degree. This makes “voicemail to email” options so useful, as a user can receive an email reminding them to check their voicemail for the message. Similarly, voicemail transcription offers similar utility, albeit in a much different fashion. Rather than having you access your voicemail to get the message, email transcription converts the voicemail into a text-based format and sends it to your email inbox.

Conference Calls
In today’s collaborative work environment, there are many phone calls that require multiple people to participate. VoIP solutions feature the conference calling capabilities that allow these collaborative meetings to take place. The additional capabilities of VoIP also allow this kind of collaboration to be much simpler to accomplish, as well as more convenient. A participant has the option of utilizing the more convenient solution to join in, be it their mobile device or desktop workstation.

Again, leveraging a VoIP solution can provide assorted benefits to your business and its processes. Are you ready to embrace these benefits? Reach out to COMPANYNAME to learn more by calling PHONENUMBER.

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