4 Tips to Better Manage IT Projects

Sep 18, 2017

Have you ever tried to manage a major business technology project by yourself? If you have, you know that it’s a huge time sink and that there’s a lot involved with the process. It’s more productive to ask for help early on than getting too far into a project and hitting a wall. Agree or disagree? Here are four ways that you can save time and resources while managing your latest technology implementation project. You. Are. Welcome!

Understand the Needs of Your Organization
What will the project do for your business? Whatever the project is, make sure that you know exactly what you hope to gain from it.

You want to ask yourself how the change benefits anyone else involved. Will it help your employees better fulfill their duties? Will it make your services more readily accessible to anyone who buys from you? You should understand if it’s something that will be mutually beneficial for everyone involved. If it’s not, then why are you doing it in the first place? If you can’t answer questions at this stage, don’t go further until you can!

Budget for Unexpected Circumstances
When you’re implementing a project, you have to follow the guidelines stated in the project’s budget. However, this isn’t always possible, as unexpected circumstances would lead you to repeat certain tasks, which naturally leads to wasted assets and wasted time. Also, changes in the price of resources and labor could affect the timeline of a project. Suppliers may not be able to meet obligations, or prices may skyrocket (and break your budget).

Basically, you should ask yourself what could go wrong when you begin implementing a new IT solution, and ensure that time is allowed just in case something happens which is out of your control. If you do this, the worst-case scenario is that your project is completed on-time and on-budget. If it is finished as intended, you have a lot of extra time and capital to spend on other tasks following the implementation.

Find Ways to Judge Success 
Key performance indicators (KPI’s) should be a well-known part of your project implementation. KPIs are what show how well your process works, and they can make or break the project. If you keep track of metrics like these, you can use them for future projects to make changes accordingly. Here are some of the KPIs that you should consider.

  • Actual cost
  • Cost Variance
  • Earned Value
  • Planned Value
  • Return on Investment

Keep Everyone Informed
Anyone involved in the project management process needs to stay in touch with the progress being made to make sure that tasks are being executed as planned.

You can keep track of all tasks and resources assigned to a project through the implementation of project management software. It creates a single point of contact for all resources involved so that they can keep track of all progress made. It’s just one of the ways that project management solutions can help you keep your projects on-track and on-budget.

Sound like a bit much? That’s why we recommend that you go through an outsourced IT provider like COMPANYNAME. Want to lower your stress levels before making any plans? Reach out to us at PHONENUMBER.

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