Acquiring the Right Technology for Your Business

Sep 29, 2017

Every business has plans, projects and upgrades they truly intend to do but avoid at all costs … literally. Price is the #1 most-cited factor on why a project has never gotten out of the planning stage. Does that sound familiar?

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The true cost of not doing a project is exponential; knowing a change needs to be made is the first step. However, over time, the urge for change (and the reason everyone wanted the change in the first place) can become clouded. Lack of commitment, lack of buy-in, along with lack of thought leadership can easily derail any of the best intentions. As a technology consulting firm, ActiveCo has spoken with hundreds of business owners, and not one has insisted there was no room for business improvement.


What’s the problem, already?

In any conversations around a big project, let’s say, sourcing a new ERP / CRM that will improve inefficiencies, lower staff frustrations and improve capital costs long-term, it’s always the dollar sign that stops planning in it’s tracks. At ActiveCo, the ability to help our clients finance projects allows them to acquire the technology they need to continue the work that makes them unique in their market. The most impactful option many business owners hadn’t considered is leasing of equipment over purchasing.

Leasing Technology?

We’re able to help connect business owners with leasing partners so they can get their company to the next level. With the proper technology and processes in place, you would be able to help service your clients more directly, which can be much more impactful to them than working with much larger vendors where they may feel like just a number.

How do I know what technology to acquire?

At ActiveCo, we value feedback from our clients above all else. We are able to pay close attention and update our own business processes to match the ever-changing needs of our clients. Through consistent feedback, it’s easier to see what’s working and what’s not. Reviewing that information, facing up to what needs to change, and celebrating what is working, will make decisions come naturally.

Though we are a Manage Services Provider, we’re a consulting services firm first, helping clients find the technology that will propel their organization forward, mitigate risks and improve the culture of their team. Working directly with ownership and their executive team, it’s often a relief for them to find they have more options than they once thought, and within budget.

Leasing is not just another way to sell hardware or lock anyone into a service plan, it’s thought leadership and technology acquisition at an executive level. Your technology partner should be proactively involved in business, marketing and planning conversations, available to brainstorm with your needs and help find solutions.

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