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ActiveCo Leadership Transition

Nov 23, 2021

Back in September, we announced the retirement of our President, Sam Goh, who has been with ActiveCo for over 16 years.  That announcement kick-started a leadership transition and we are now nearing the successful completion of this transition.

Our new President, Andrew Dalman, who has been with the Company for over 8 years and has worked closely with Sam, will be formally taking over starting January 1, 2022.  Over the years, Andrew has played a significant role in helping build our company and has led various projects in multiple areas of the business to great success.  His wealth of industry knowledge, experience, and leadership qualities make Andrew an ideal fit for this role.

Andrew and Sam are working diligently to ensure a smooth handoff during this period.  We are very confident Andrew will build upon the successful legacy of high-quality service and continue to evolve our business.

Thank you for your support during this period and we look forward to a very exciting 2022!

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