The Anatomy of a Phishing Email

Mar 16, 2018

Phishing is a hackers’s favourite way to (literally) bait you, a typical PC user, into allowing them access to your PC or network, by tricking you into clicking a link which surprises you with a bouquet …. of malware!

Below is a sample of a real phishing email that we received here at ActiveCo. In this case, it appears to be from GoDaddy, which is a website hosting service that many individuals and businesses use. For anyone who does use GoDaddy for hosting services, an email from them wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary.

But it should…..if it looks like this….

How could you stop yourself from clicking on that link to verify your account before it’s too late?

If you said, “By being more aware!”, then great job!

Let’s break this email down, shall we?

Phishing emails don’t have to be sophisticated (and usually aren’t), they just need to be good enough to get you to react, without thinking, and click on that link.

Also, earlier in that email, they said to click on the button below … there is no button below! Some obvious grammatical errors are key things to watch for, including:

  • Who sent the email, check the actual address, not just the name
  • Did you request this email?
  • Are there spelling errors?
  • Are there grammatical errors?
  • Is it constantly pointing out how “okay” it is for you to click on something?
  • Is there a link or attachment that has nothing to do with the contact or business that sent it?

We are fortunate to pass along helpful tips to our users and encourage them to spread the good word. Awareness and diligence is all we have left when it comes to cybersecurity, meaning no matter how flashy or expensive your anti-malware or anti-virus may be, there’s someone working hard right now to get around it.

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