Are You Enforcing Mandatory Best Security Practices?

Feb 6, 2019

Your business data is valuable, whether it contains your clients’ financial details, your own business’ affairs, or sensitive internal or personal documents. As such, you need to be confident that you are prepared to protect this data before something happens to it. And something will eventually happen to it. It’s up to you to be ready for that day.

So…what’s the plan?

Physical Access Control – aka “No Trespassing!”
Starting with the obvious: physical access to your office, building or data centre. Protection ranges from a fence around the office to a magnetic door lock that requires a password and/or other authentication. Depending your business, and location, controlling physical access to your resources means that you are more able to protect them from threats, as well as control who has access to what, where and when.

Data Security Policies & Practices
More and more attacks are leveraging human error to their advantage, so educating your staff is paramount to your success. ActiveCo has established monthly awareness and training programs for all end users that come standard with our services, so our clients understand all too well the need for ongoing user training.

It is also crucial to enforce the policies you put in place. In fact, Canadian organizations are required by law to have someone on staff who champions a “culture of compliance”, ensuring all staff know how to conduct themselves for best cybersecurity practces.

By holding your staff accountable to the rules they have agreed to abide by, you can potentially shore up a few vulnerabilities up front, minimizing the rest through implementing the various best practices we recommend.
Reach out to us to learn more about these practices, and how we can help you to enact them.

Identify Risks & Resolutions 
Does your business have a Security Posture Document for compliance regulations and investigations? Knowing what policies and procedures you have and don’t have can make all the difference in the event of a security breach. One of the most effective ways to improve your existing security is to establish what about it leaves you vulnerable.

Contact us today to understand how to get this required documentation set up for your company and get on track.

Lean on an Outsourced Provider
A provider of professional IT services, like COMPANYNAME, can make any of these activities much simpler to complete without sacrificing your internal productivity. Give us a call at PHONENUMBER to learn more about how we can help and what we’ve done to keep our clients informed, secure and ahead of the curve in the new global technology landscape. You can also request a free demo at your convenience!

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