Are You Using the Right Business Communications?

Aug 13, 2018

Communication solutions for business are changing rapidly, allowing organizations to save money and get more for the services they already pay for. However, every industry, and every organization, have unique needs dependent on how the users of that technology (your people) need to access data and communicate with clients and eachother.

There are five major business communications tools we all know and love:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Team collaboration apps

What’s the best use of each of these for your business?

Not many businesses can function without this basic communication standard.

VoIP, or “voice over Internet protocol”, is an enterprise telephone service that uses your organization’s existing bandwidth to place and accept calls, and comes with a lot of the features any company would need, for a fraction of the price they would have traditionally paid. There are a variety of VoIP plans and services out there. If you would like to save money, while getting the reliable telephone services you are used to, the friendly IT consultants at COMPANYNAME can help you find the VoIP plan that fits your organization’s needs.

Again, email is a technology that almost everyone is accustomed to using. A person’s email address is used by most organizations to set up accounts, correspond, and integrate with line of business applications like customer resource management (CRM) software to push notifications in a central area, so workers don’t miss anything.

Today’s email platform is the predominant way many organizations get infiltrated by hackers. As phishing schemes get more sophisticated, more people fall into hackers’ socially-engineered traps. ActiveCo’s security awareness training helps resolve as much “user error” as possible, while ensuring your team is also using their email platform to the full extent of their abilities.

We are constantly hearing that cross-country communication is imperative to business today. There are several strong conferencing options that include the ability to share information via screen swapping, video presentation, or face-to-face communication. New conferencing technology moves your meetings out of the boardroom and into the chatroom. Many conferencing softwares can integrate with a VoIP solution. Our IT consultants can assess your needs in order to develop a communications strategy that works for your entire company, remote workers and all.

Instant Messaging (IM)
One problem that businesses have with IM is that they are typically part of another program (e.g. Facebook Messenger) and could present significant distractions for workers. Most of these platforms offer a “for business” product, but finding the ones with the security, reporting, and media-sharing features that you want, or need, can be difficult. Would your team find IM-ing one another productive, or distracting?

Team Collaboration Apps
By creating an interface that takes the best parts of all network collaboration tools, team collaboration app developers have successfully innovated the market for team collaboration and project management. Being able to communicate while sharing files, drafts, images, could make or break a project deadline, especially when collaborating with international team members. Do you have a technology partner today that helps support your team communication?

Being able to properly innovate to be the best business you can be, can be tough. Call the IT professionals at COMPANYNAME today at PHONENUMBER to start taking your organization’s communications to the next level.

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