Back Your Data Up and Protect Your Business From Any Disaster

Dec 21, 2016

disaster recovery

No matter how well-thought-out your systems are, you are always at a risk of some unforeseen threat causing havoc. In order to truly be prepared for anything, you need to implement a backup and disaster recovery solution for your business.

Data loss could result from any of a variety of situations. Equipment could malfunction and depending on what device it was that failed, you could be out a sizable chunk of critical data. There’s also the risk of damage that a natural disaster could potentially cause to these systems as well. Fire, flooding, earthquakes, electrical storms, any and all of these events could pose some threat against your data. There is also the ever-present danger of user error, as any of your employees could potentially delete or overwrite something critical by mistake.

Data loss is no laughing matter, either. While other variables factor in as well, statistics have overwhelmingly displayed a tendency for companies who suffer from data loss to go out of business within a year or two of the incident.

In light of this, businesses clearly need a method of protecting their futures against the possibility of fire, failure, or Fred’s faux pas. Fortunately, that method exists in a backup and disaster recovery solution.

A critical component to any business continuity strategy, a BDR solution can help you to ensure that should your business fall victim to a data-loss disaster, you have the capability to not only recover your backed-up data, but also restore your systems to full operational capacity. Best practices dictate that this solution be located offsite and isolated from your systems, in order to ensure that the disaster that destroys your original data does not affect the backup as well.

To best accomplish this end, a BDR solution should feature a cloud-based implementation. This approach allows for backups to be taken automatically at multiple times throughout the day, and for the backed-up data to be safely distanced from its originating location.

COMPANYNAME has the ability to assist you in compiling a business continuity plan, just in case something doesn’t go well somewhere along the line. To start the process of reinforcing your business against disastrous data loss, call PHONENUMBER today.

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