Top 6 Benefits of a Cloud Computing Security Solution

by | Aug 9, 2021

Put simply, cloud security refers to the multi-layered controls in your network infrastructure that protects all your cloud-based assets. This typically includes protecting everything from cloud infrastructure, multiple web applications, websites and data and is generally offered in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Think of cloud security as control-based safeguards that protect you from data theft and leaks. Irrespective of whether your business makes use of public or private cloud, you need to ensure that your cloud security provider balances out the distinct requirements for DDoS protection, high availability, data security, and regulatory compliance as per your business needs.

Cloud Security programs are generally full-fledged and offer everything from anti-virus, URL filters, firewalls, sandboxes, SSL inspection and more in a single, comprehensive platform. The software as a service model means that your business can avail of high-end security features without paying a premium for it. The best part is that cloud security is very flexible and scalable, so it will always protect your assets even as your business grows more mobile, and larger in scale. For the most relevant cloud security solution for your Vancouver business, consider reaching out to IT consulting Vancouver.Distributed denial of service attacks have become a major problem for many businesses including retail. DDoS attacks work through overwhelming website servers with an incredible amount of spurious requests that typically range between 1Gbps to over 20Gbps of traffic, so legitimate user requests can’t get through and the server eventually becomes unresponsive or crashes. These attacks can be used as part of a larger attack strategy that tries not only to cripple the business, but also results in a much larger impact. Even with just a DDoS attack, businesses can face a significant loss in productivity, revenue, business opportunities, customer service and reputation. With an effective cloud security services provider, DDoS attacks can be successfully monitored, absorbed and deflected. The security solution Will be able to identify an incoming DDoS attack, alert relevant people, absorb the incoming load of spurious requests and disperse it using global PoPs (points of presence). The business should be able to run as usual and the security solution will offer comprehensive post-attack analysis to address vulnerabilities, if any.With the right cloud security solution, your business will be able to take advantage of always on with assets. It will provide your Mission critical suite of applications or business websites with real-time support, and live monitoring so you always have a finger on the security pulse of your organization. To ensure the continuity of their business with high availability and support, organizations are increasingly making use of cloud security solutions provided by managed hosting providers and/or content delivery networks, especially those with DDoS absorption capabilities. These can not only help businesses minimize downtime, but also offer more intuitive security controls.A critical component of making cloud security work as a business enabler is to ensure that the security infrastructure is able to keep up as and when the businesses cloud infrastructure scales up. Cloud security solutions generally have enough scalability and flexibility built into them that they can continue to protect your business even as you scale. This is a key element in future-proofing your business against ever-evolving security threats with the right cloud security solution.Some industries are way more regulated (industry and governmental regulations) than others. Managing and maintaining more rigorous infrastructures for compliance should be easy with the right cloud computing security solutions. Their security features can help your business protect sensitive data and intellectual property and also help you keep well ahead of all relevant regulations and compliance frameworks.2020 has been highlighted as much due to the pandemic as due to a string of high profile data breaches. The threat has grown to the point where the federal government considers cyber defense a top priority. Both factors have pushed businesses into the greatest push for digital transformation we have witnessed in recent times. Companies are investing in solutions for access control, intrusion prevention, identity management, and virus and malware protection. Companies are also investing in CDNs that establish network security protocols that secure communications between consumers and company servers. Transport Layer Security (TLS) can protect data packets in transit so malicious actors cannot eavesdrop or otherwise tamper with your data. Pro Tip: For best results, look for a CDN with PCI compliance and other digital rights management layers that will guarantee your data has the best possible security standards in the industry.In cloud infrastructures, resources are allocated through API calls. This ensures complete coverage and visibility for all your assets, security settings, and policies. It’s up to your infosec team or Cloud Computing Vancouver security solutions provider to discern between secure and insecure in the Cloud. The security settings must be applied across all your assets and settings in the cloud.The right cloud computing security solution for your business will provide you with the availability, reliability, and security that can drive true competitive edge for your business. Cloud security solutions incorporate advanced cybersecurity features that can help your business develop the resilience and defensive edge it needs for driving true value. ActiveCo offers a comprehensive range of resources on how to select the right cloud security services provider for your business and how to know when it’s time to switch providers. ActiveCo’s comprehensive resources will also guide you on effective risk assessment, management and other topical cloud security issues predominant today. You could also reach out to our security experts who can help realistically assess your security needs.

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