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“I commend ActiveCo on their professionalism with which they approached our needs and the recommendations they made to improve and secure our in-house systems.”
George – Transportation

“I want to tell you that we are absolutely blown away by the level of service we receive from you guys – it really is appreciated when you and the team care so much about each ticket and follow up with us.”
Trevor – Restoration & Construction

“Over our long relationship, ActiveCo has refined out network components and have increased the speed and reliability of the network for the entire company.”
Grant – Accounting

“The fact that ActiveCo was able to deliver such a huge project without most of our staff knowing it was even happening was impressive! Those of us who did know were amazed how smooth it went. We’ve never experienced an IT service that was able to deliver on their promises like that!”
Tomasz – Construction Equipment

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“Technology” is now top-of-mind for business owners in every industry, and has moved from “operational” to “strategic”. This means that the right advice can be worth more than it ever has been. ActiveCo provides IT support advice based exclusively on the strategic business objectives of their customer.

Did you know that technology spend is typically 6% to 8%, making it a “top 3” expense behind payroll and rent? That’s a substantial, and respectful, shift in attitudes toward technology. ActiveCo technology advisors continue to put blood, sweat and tears into making sure that they truly understand your business goals to help you get the results you want. Most IT support partners simply cannot and do not know how to, invest the time and attention to your specific needs, tailored for your niche, your brand, in your industry. That is an expertise that takes decades to develop, and ActiveCo Technology Management got the head start on the competition a decade ago. Your goals are critical to your business planning.

In fact, many businesses don’t have a “technology road map” in place and are looking for guidance. If there is no technology component to your business plan, you may already be behind your competition who are investing into their future growth. ActiveCo helps business leaders get their technology roadmap in place to get them on the fast track to success that enhances your company brand, reputation and rate of success.

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