Boost Revenues By Outsourcing Your IT Services

Jun 7, 2017

Performance and productivity are critical for business success. Professionally-managed IT services play an important role to ensure you are strategically-aligned. But how do you measure lost performance and productivity in an IT-based environment?

Many organizations are hindered by the need to use big chunks of capital, leaving them with fewer options when it comes time to make critical business decisions. If your budget is stretched, for whatever reason, maybe that capital you would rely on to boost profitability isn’t available, putting you in a pretty precarious position.

At ActiveCo, we help you track the engagement and application of critical service areas: number of support tickets, data security, reduced recovery time, leveraging new technology, vendor communication and the virtual elimination of downtime.

Today’s businesses rely on productivity and operational efficiency provided by technology. COMPANYNAME has made a name serving small-to-medium businesses because we make technology work for their own unique process and work flows. We reduce the overwhelming financial burden these businesses experience by providing several productivity-boosting services that can be leveraged to improve overall profit margins.

How do we do it? 
By signing on to our managed IT services, organizations can take advantage of our consultants’ and technicians’ expertise to find cost-efficient solutions to solve their core business problems.

Some of our solutions typically include:

  • End-to-end network and infrastructure monitoring – With a combination of technical expertise and properly-leveraged automation, we are able to monitor your hardware and network to proactively handle a variety of issues before they can force your business to lose effectiveness through downtime.
  • Backup and disaster recovery – One of the biggest misconceptions that small and medium-sized business owners have is that their data isn’t important. Since the success or failure of a business can rest on their data management systems, we’ve developed a comprehensive backup and recovery platform to protect those assets from any circumstance, including fire, flood, cyberattack, or garden-variety negligence.
  • Cloud-based services – One of the biggest capital costs for a business is continuously upgrading its central computing infrastructure. By turning to cloud computing to host some of the business’ mission-critical processes (like email, applications, and storage), businesses are now able to better manage many of their infrastructure costs.

Is it really that simple?

  • Yes.

Revenue generation is something successful companies excel in, and unsuccessful companies don’t. That’s why we aim to provide the tools and expertise that modern companies need to secure themselves, boost productivity and efficiency, and reduce their capital expenses. For more information about our managed IT services, or other technology solutions that can help your business succeed, call us today at PHONENUMBER.

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