Why Industry Leaders are Taking a Second Look at Cloud-Based Security Solutions

Aug 10, 2016

cloud security Cloud computing may be a great asset to your business, but there are still plenty of executives that remain quite reluctant about implementing it. One of the big reasons is that security breaches are often covered with high exposure on the news, and this makes it seem like the cloud isn’t a good way to store sensitive data. Now, however, cloud computing security has reached a high point, and you can bet that the cloud has ways of enhancing IT security for your business, too.

Improved Authentication Features
Often times, people will have only a password standing in the way of hackers. In recent years, the password has been under fire for losing its effectiveness against hackers, and cloud providers have added advanced authentication options to make up for this lack of security protocol. Now, with the help of big data analytics, account profiles can be set up for unique users, allowing for two-factor authentication solutions to limit access based on device usage and user behavior. This helps to provide better security for the end-user.

Global Threat Intelligence
Region blocking has been a helpful security tool frequently used by cloud providers in order to keep specific parts of the world, often those who are notorious for harboring hackers, from accessing data. However, global threat intelligence technology takes things a step further, and can identify threats from all over the world.

InformationWeek explains: “Several security vendors are building massive, cloud-based security services that essentially deploy thousands of security sensors around the globe. These threat intelligence clouds then monitor global traffic to identify emerging security anomalies that could pose threats to customers. Once identified, the vendor then pushes various protections down to customer firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and other on-premises security tools to eliminate the potential threat. All of this is done in real-time, in an automated fashion, all thanks to the cloud.”

Affordable Cloud-Based Security Tools
No two businesses are the same, and your organization likely has different cloud computing needs than others. The major appeal to cloud computing is its ability to scale and flex to your business’s specific needs, with prices that can benefit your organization’s bottom line. Cloud providers often issue these solutions “as a service,” meaning that they can be managed by a third party and paid for on a month-to-month basis. This can free up your staff from having to worry about overseeing network security, and can give you some well-deserved peace of mind, knowing that your systems are being maintained by top IT professionals.

Of course, your cloud security solution will also vary depending on what type of cloud solutions your business utilizes. If your cloud provider isn’t security-minded, or if a vulnerability exists outside of your control (think poor passwords), you wind up putting your business’s data on the line. Therefore, we urge local organizations to always be careful with cloud security, and to reach out to ActiveCo Technology Management for any questions and concerns.

With so many great technologies flooding the market, it can be difficult to identify what technologies will be beneficial for your team, and what can hold you back. That’s why you have ActiveCo Technology Management on your side. We’ll do the heavy lifting so that you can concentrate on your business. To learn more, reach out to us at 604.931.3633.

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