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Shopping for a vendor, be it to manage your technology, accounting, re-stocking of supplies, or even building cleaning, can be a headache. The time you or your team put in to finding the people you can trust to follow though on their promises is filled with conversations, promises, hope and growing pains.

No matter what the need being filled is, working with a new vendor is a relationship-building exercise that can be easy as pie, or a daunting rabbit hole of your time when things don’t go to plan.

Outsourcing services can be a huge relief for you and your company, if the vendor you work with is executing to your expectations, as well as fulfilling their initial promises. When they’re not, it can be uncomfortable enough just having a “course correction” chat, let alone considering removing them from the relationship all together.

Not all business owners are comfortable having conversations around change, let alone having to fire anyone. This ZDNet article helps flesh out your next steps, we encourage you to follow that link and read on.

Remember, having a meeting or conversation with a poor-performing vendor may be a good thing. The outcome may be that there was a misunderstanding or mis-step that is easily fixed, helping extend and repair a relationship that was unnecessarily put to the test.

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Jeff Penner

Jeff has been in the managed services industry since 2015, understanding what business owners are looking for from technology, and helping them find it. The most important element for a business owner taking on a new technology partner is peace of mind and thus Jeff directs his efforts on finding practical information that any leader can apply to their business. Jeff lives in Vancouver, BC, sharing his love for learning and “the great indoors” with his 2 daughters.