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Cybersecurity Strategy

If your current cybersecurity plan has not been reviewed, accessed, and updated in recent times, it is not properly equipped to handle the dynamic threats in today’s business world.

Your business needs a personalized cybersecurity plan that can evolve to face new digital threats. At ActiveCo, we first understand where your business currently stands by conducting an in-depth cybersecurity vulnerability assessment to identify security gaps, before developing cybersecurity roadmap tailored to your business.

Our team of cybersecurity experts and vCIOs will work with you to develop a comprehensive security management roadmap and fluid cybersecurity strategy to protect your company.


Enhanced Cybersecurity Suite

Your small or medium sized business is a prime target for cybercriminals looking for an easy score. With ActiveCo enhanced cybersecurity suite, your network and endpoints are protected with our security layers to mitigate the vulnerabilities in the growing threats to the business world. 

Spam Filtering
Web Filtering
Firewall Monitoring
Network Configuration
End User-Security Awareness Training
Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning
Multi-Factor Authentication
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ActiveCo Technology Management provides IT Consulting from professionals who know your industry and take the time to understand your business. Your peace of mind is assured. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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IT Security Planning

To stay compliant with the latest data security regulations, compliance needs and consumer data privacy policies, leverage a team that understands the security requirements you need to meet.

Through IT security planning, we utilize best-of-brand, industry-leading measures to develop an extensive security strategy including network segmentation, systems implementations, testing, 24×7 monitoring, vulnerability and patch management, as well as compliance planning.

With a complete suite IT security services, we can protect all your IT assets including computers, routers, firewalls, servers, and mobile devices. With unique backup and disaster recovery solutions, we ensure threats are mitigated, backups are tested and recoverable to your preferences, to reduce the potential of data loss from external or internal threats, disasters, and human error.

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Our Partners

Whether you are in the cloud, on premises, a large manufacturer, or a small services firm, we have established relationships with global companies to help deliver the support and IT Consulting services you need, when you need them.

Why Choose ActiveCo For Cybersecurity

ActiveCo is a BC-based Cybersecurity company offering a full slate of technology support and consulting. With strategic planning hat focusses on maximizing performance, boosting productivity, and growing your business, you will never look at IT the same way again.

  • Leverage Technology Investments
  • Improve Network Security
  • Reduce Business Risks
  • Mitigate Damage to Critical Files
  • Dramatically Improve Productivity & Performance
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BoostvCIO is a fully integrated and automated that helps you implement and manage technology standards for your business. It is an all-in-one solution for vCIO preparation, network administration, documentation and so much more.

BoostvCIO provides a refreshing approach to IT planning by providing a platform for easier collaboration and experience on technology strategies for your business, budget planning and approval process for users.

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