Effective Cyber Security Strategy

How to Develop an Effective Cyber Security Strategy?

Mar 29, 2022

In a nutshell, a cybersecurity strategy is basically your organization’s plan to identify and implement cyber security best practices to protect the business from a range of threats. The strategy needs to be continuously fine-tuned and adapted as per evolving business, technical and security needs. It also functions as the foundation for your organization’s entire security program. For the most effective Cyber Security Prevention Strategy for local businesses, consider reaching out to Cybersecurity Services Vancouver.

Increased volume and severity of cyber attacks

It is no secret that cyber-attacks are growing in intensity and volume and becoming more disruptive to businesses across industries. The threat is particularly potent for small to medium businesses across industries because larger businesses have been shoring up their cyber security defenses for some time. In such a scenario, hackers just find it easier to break into the defenses of small to midsize businesses who may not have the requisite technical skill sets or the right security strategy in place to repel their attacks. The threat is even more prominent at this point in time because more and more organisations have been implementing digital transformation In the aftermath of the pandemic. With organizations switching to cloud services for most, if not the entirety of their infrastructure and functions, this offers an even broader surface area for hackers to exploit.

Penalties for data leaks and value of data

With data becoming the prime driver for businesses across industries, there is a premium attached to it now. Hackers can virtually exploit any form of data and drive business cases and sales out of the stolen data. It does not help that the volume of data generated by businesses is exploding globally. This is why regulatory authorities are so concerned with the fair use of data and impose hefty penalties on businesses to ensure responsible ownership of data.

Fast pace of digital transformation

The threat surface is continually expanding as the pandemic has spurred many traditional non-digital businesses to also adopt IT and transition their services to digital platforms very rapidly. Add to it the fact that they need to service the customers on a variety of platforms, such as web, mobile, and e-commerce platforms. Given their rapid rate of transition, most of these businesses have not really found their footing in the digital world yet and remain prone to a host of vulnerabilities across platforms. This is yet another reason Why Cyber Security Is Important for any business that has undertaken digital transformation.

Analyzing your cyber security risk

The first step to having an effective cyber security strategy is to understand the kind of risk that your organization faces. Companies must be able to evaluate the level of risk that they are exposed to because this analysis will determine which risks and vulnerabilities they must prioritize and invest in. This is where many companies might need guidance from expert managed services providers, as these experts understand the threat landscape in its entirety and can gauge the kind of risks that your organization may face now and down the line. IT Support Vancouver can help your organization with the right Cyber Security Policies And Procedures.

Building a cohesive cyber security strategy

Any effective cyber security strategy must be cohesive and all-encompassing in nature, as it needs to address key areas of vulnerability in the organization. This is why it’s important for organizations to work with service providers with proven capabilities in a range of security disciplines including software networks security, process control security, insider threat management and dynamic defense. Your security strategy must enable you to make smart interventions in various facets of the organization to ensure a greater degree of security.

Enabling proactive monitoring of your enterprise network

Enabling proactive monitoring provides an organization with a consolidated view of all activities across the organization that may potentially lead to vulnerabilities. Proactive monitoring can also help organizations establish an active deterrent to insider threats and help organizations manage different elements of cyber security including people, physical and digital risks.

Planning for the inevitable cyber attack

With the current volume of cyber-attacks, a breach is a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’. The best way for organizations to deal with attacks is to be prepared for attacks to happen. Companies should always try to be more resilient and get the right skills and resources in place to be able to ride over cyber-attacks when they happen. Managed IT Services Vancouver specializes in providing companies with the right degree of cyber security awareness and can help them create the most suitable Cyber Security Strategy Plan.

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