4 Ways to Easy Spring Cleaning – PC Edition

Mar 20, 2018

Spring cleaning is upon you! At ActiveCo we thrive on new technology solutions that help improve our clients business in new and refreshing ways! We spend weeks talking through ways to implement new strategies, creating a process to ensure we help and maintain our client’s systems, their network and improving the lives of their people.

But what about those minor tasks that can help your PC, device and workstation work for you even more efficiently? Well, this is a long-winded introduction to us suggesting that maybe you could pull your weight a little bit! And it’s really easy to do…..

Enter: Springtime! That time of year where the weather shouldn’t be this crummy and you wonder what we collectively did to deserve this. In proper Spring fashion, here are some ways you can ensure your workstation is upkept, doesn’t fall to pieces and you can show everyone in the office you’re a spring cleaning wizard!

Keep It Clean

Look at your keyboard. Reallllly look at it. Underneath the keys, spread throughout, is likely a year’s worth of toast crumbs and who knows what else. Compressed air can quickly clean out your keyboard, as well as your PC tower.

PC Tower:
Dust can build up and prevent critical airflow inside your PC. When airflow is limited, heat can build up within your machine, which could damage the components and lead to overheating. Just be sure to keep your workspace clean and to keep the fan vents clear of obstruction, and you should be fine.

If you still have a roller ball on the bottom of your mouse, you should toss that bad boy in the recycling. Today’s mice are typically laser-guided and the mess doesn’t accumulate in the roller any longer but in the protection pads at the bottom. As you glide your mouse over your desk or mousepad, dust builds up and slowly makes your mouse a little unruly. A simple scrape with your fingernail or edged tool (by tool I really just mean your fingernail again but I want you to think there are options) can get that gunk off and set your scrolling back to it’s original glory.

Sometimes these tasks just get away from us in the go-go-go of the workday. However, over time you do leave dirt, grime and germs all over your workstation. The occassional wipedown could save you and your team from having to take off the occassional sick day (you’re either welcome…or we’re sorry).

These simple tasks are typically forgotten about, especially at work, as many people have a mindset that the workstation is not theirs to touch. Since you spend a majority of your time in the workplace, be sure to take care of yourself and take care of your area!

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