Evaluating Your Business’ Information Technology

by | Aug 19, 2019

How To Evaluate Your Network?

It’s imperative that you keep your IT infrastructure under control, but many organizations push it to the side. The problem with ignoring IT means you are not properly evaluating your technology infrastructure and support, meaning you could be wasting time and resources that would be better spent elsewhere. Ask yourself the following questions to determine whether or not your IT systems are being maintained properly.

Do You Constantly Suffer from Downtime and Computer Issues?

Downtime is a major waste and some recognizable examples include computers that are slow or constantly breaking down, as well as employees who can’t get anything done due to computers that simply don’t work the way they’re supposed to. One of the most devastating downtime incidents–hardware failure–can lead to extended periods of wasteful downtime and large quantities of data loss. It goes without saying that having someone periodically check on IT is a necessity in the modern workplace. At ActiveCo, we understand that it can be time-consuming and costly to deal with IT issues while running a business, which is why we work closely with our clients to proactively manage, monitor and review the network IT systems to prevent issues before they happen.

Does It Feel Like Your IT is Being Actively Managed and Maintained & Are Emergencies Treated like Emergencies?

Imagine the frustration of getting to your office and having your computer not boot up as intended. Now imagine how much time that costs you if each of your employees encounters this problem. IT can’t always solve issues immediately, but it needs to be able to provide triage and issue support accordingly. If downtime isn’t treated like the problem that it is, then you’re wasting time and money waiting for issues to be addressed. 10 employees who can’t get their work done due to technology issues means that you’re paying 10 salaries for not completing tasks. ActiveCo offers technical support services to our clients 24/7 through our Managed IT Support services. With our help desk, our IT tech offers a guaranteed response within 45 mins so you can rest assured your issue is not forgotten about.

Can Your Employees Get Support When It’s Needed?

Employees might be worried about asking for support because they are afraid it will cost your business. A ticketing system can be used by employees who run into issues so that they can get the support needed as per your service level agreement. Once the issue has been reported, they can get back to work. ActiveCo offers IT support through our Help Desk services. We can troubleshoot your technical problems using our comprehensive ticketing system over email, phone and/or by being on site. With our Help Desk services, you will:

  • Receive a call back from our IT techs within 45 minutes
  • Status updates about your ticket
  • Technician escalation support
  • Incident and problem management.

Is Your Network Fully Documented?

Each device on your network, including desktops, laptops, servers, printers, routers, access points, switches, VoIP phones, and everything else, needs to be documented. Documentation should include when the device was purchased and installed, including who installed it, the model and serial numbers, warranty information, and access information. At ActiveCo, we believe in extensive documentation, so much so that, we built our own custom documentation software! With ActiveCo, you can count on complete transparency and accountability.

Is Your Data Being Backed Up?

Without your data, you can’t expect to be successful. If you can’t recover your data in the event of a disaster, your future could be placed in jeopardy. Therefore, your IT people need to take your data as seriously as you do. Here at ActiveCo, we know extremely well that the list of things that could go wrong with your IT systems is extensive, which is why the methods deployed to protect your data should also be extensive. At ActiveCo, we’ll help you determine the best Business Continuity Plan for your business to ensure that your network can keep running smoothly and your systems are backed up constantly, regardless of hardware issues, power outages or other internal or external disruptions.

Is Your IT Firm Working with You to Discuss and Review Their Own Performance?

IT is about making technology work for you, so if they aren’t doing this, then you should ask them to sit down with you and help determine their worth. It’s even better if they decide to initiate the conversation so they can learn how to best serve you. You need to have an account manager that is willing and able to help you put together a full IT roadmap and plan for the future. If they’re not there to help you get the most from your technology and get ahead of the competition, then what are you paying them for? With ActiveCo:

  • When budgets are stretched and ROI a priority, making sure your IT investment contributes actively to business success is ActiveCo’s speciality.
  • With a focus on strategic planning, global risk prevention, accessibility options, capital cost considerations and staff productivity, ActiveCo’s business strategies are client-specific and unique.
  • We understand your business environment is dynamic and IT resources need to be re-assessed and aligned on a regular basis to support new goals, users and applications.

COMPANYNAME can be the ideal IT solution for your business. To learn more, reach out to us at PHONENUMBER.

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