Event Planning for Prospects – Part 2

by | Dec 28, 2017

We have taken deliberate steps to better engage with our clients, vendors and, quite specifically, our prospective clients. In this series, we’re providing our experience developing these relationships; what went right, what went wrong and all the things we learned through the process. Businesses can often get lost in how to begin a relationship to gain a client but maintaining that relationship, naturally, is where many business owners struggle.

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Considering an event that would be a “draw” for clients and prospects can be as easy or difficult as you wish to make it on yourself. We were lucky to have many options with a vivid social life here in Vancouver, BC. Remember, you’re not just looking for a company event, you want to appeal to their human side and provide something that’s fun, engaging, something they’ve always meant to do and, very importantly, easily accessible. Depending where you are, there may be many events that could be attractive to your business contacts:

Sporting Event / Executive Suite
Round of Golf
Rent out a hall for a banquet
Boat Tour
Lunch & Learn
Comedy Club
Live Show
Go Karts

No matter the venue, consider if it speaks to people universally. Asking a client or prospect if they want to go to a petting zoo with you next month raises a myriad of questions (unless you’re investing into petting zoos, or petting zoo feed, or goats). However, asking to attend a night together at a casino, or dinner on a cruise around the bay, feels much more natural. Ultimately, you know your clients better than anyone else and wherever you end up, you’ll know it’s a good decision when it just “feels right” and you’re excited to get the invitations ready.

Once the venue is set, it’s time to tactically decide who to invite, who not to invite, and why.

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