Facing The Challenges Of Leadership

Aug 16, 2017

Being a leader can be a burden. But as a business owner, it’s a burden you’re taking on on behalf of others, to help them become better tomorrow than they are today. In truth, the pressure to succeed is why leadership development programs are highly in demand nowadays. True success is achieved when the leadership mentality is second nature to your business environment. Your team feels it, your clients feel it and it becomes a respectable part of your culture.

Leadership can be trained into people, a skill that can be taught. Some of us are born leaders; that leadership energy just oozes out of some people since childhood. Leadership development seeks to instill the skills and values that will help you lead successfully.

Leadership development emphasizes strict self-assessment; leaders are able to look within themselves and find (and work on) their flaws. It can be difficult for many to accept that A) they have flaws and B) that they need to sacrifice personal time and energy into improving & building on those flaws. The ability to recognize the problematic aspects of your personality and to either minimize or re-work into more positive attributes (and doing so openly – leading by example) is one of the hallmarks of good leadership.

ActiveCo Technology Management runs classes on leadership fundamentals to help equip our team to make better decisions, support one another and better serve our clients.

Leadership development isn’t all just about contemplation on the self. It’s about learning skills that are helpful in your role as a leader. Some of these skills are administrative, such as balancing a schedule or writing an assessment report. Some of them are about interpersonal skills; part of being a good leader is being able to relate to your teammates in a way that does not stifle thaem. Learning how to establish a positive rapport with your team is something that is very useful for a leader.

Leadership development also teaches you how to bring out the best in others – coaching and developing talent is an integral part of making a world-class team. Do you, as a business leader today, take specific time to develop your team members both one-one-one, as well as a group?

What leadership development is about in the end is your ability to do your best, and to be able to get the best out of others. Not because they feel they have to, or should, but because they feel that they want to join you on your journey and share in every success, every failure and every incremental improvement along the way.

ActiveCo’s leadership is always focusing on how to grow and improve the team, practicing what they preach by taking leadership courses and learning from peer groups on how to best serve others while taking care of yourself. As a business owner, it can be exhausting to constantly hold that bar high, you don’t have to do it alone. Feel free to pick our brains about what strategies our company has taken on over the past decade, where leadership and continuous improvement have been a core company goal.

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