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Our 8th Annual “Fill the Warehouse” Neighbourhood Drive was a great success! We collected usable hardware from our clients and partners to fulfill a dire need for affordable technology.

These computers will be refurbished and available for low-income students & families, community centres, non-profit organizations and indigenous communities.

We are very proud to be working with the BC Technology for Learning Society to ensure that every piece we collect is re-used, and more importantly, ends up in the hands of those in need.

Due to positive response, we will be extending our “Fill the Warehouse” campaign throughout the year to include other charities & needs for communities in BC and across Canada.

Please consider keeping up-to-date on our events, and help the less fortunate year-round! Sign up for updates here!

Here is a photo collection from our successful day of Filling the Warehouse!….

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Jeff Penner

Jeff has been in the managed services industry since 2015, understanding what business owners are looking for from technology, and helping them find it. The most important element for a business owner taking on a new technology partner is peace of mind and thus Jeff directs his efforts on finding practical information that any leader can apply to their business. Jeff lives in Vancouver, BC, sharing his love for learning and “the great indoors” with his 2 daughters.