4 Questions to Ask Your Cloud I.T. Provider

Apr 9, 2018

The cloud has revolutionized business technology but the value of that investment has become harder to understand for the common business owner. We have intensive conversation with our clients to help them reach their business goals every quarter, understand the purpose behind their technology decisions and, should part of that solution include cloud solutions, we help them understand that not all clouds are the same, and can’t be treated as such.

Here are four questions that you need to ask your cloud provider today”

What is Your Business Responsible For?
Depending on the cloud provider that your business goes with, you’ll want to know exactly what their responsibilities are. For example, the cloud provider might be responsible for security to a certain degree, with the rest of the responsibility being shared with your organization. How can you best protect your organization if you don’t know who is responsible for what? You should clearly outline the responsibilities of both your cloud provider and your own organization.

What Type of Cloud Security Do You Need?
You’ll inevitably have different cloud-based services that you take advantage of. Whether it’s an Infrastructure as a Service type of solution or a Software as a Solution approach to cloud computing, your security needs will change. Your cloud provider should be able to adapt to the needs that your business has. We are fortunate to have a business model that partners directly with our clients so our finger is constantly on the pulse of their needs.

What Kind of Training is Offered?
Are you people tech-savvy? Cloud training shouldn’t be limited to only during the implementation process; instead it can be used incrementally to keep everyone up to date on the latest and greatest practices. Our monthly updates to our clients include helpful security and technology reminders.

How Much Visibility Do I Get?
In this case, visibility can be defined as insight into how your business’ data is stored, managed, and secured. You always want to work with a partner you can trust, as they will often have considerable insight into the way that your data is being used.

Once you’ve had this conversation with your provider, give us a call to compare the end results, we appreciate the opportunity to show how we do things a little differently.

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