Holiday Shopping Tips From a Scammer

by | Nov 23, 2018

Holiday shopping, Black Friday, Boxing Day, what a time to be alive! It’s a great opportunity, after all this waiting….to take advantage ….of those online shopping fools!

Holiday Shopping Tips – From a Scammer 

Hey! I want to talk about my favourite things that online shoppers do that get me the most bang for my time, please be sure to do one or more of the following to make my December much more fruitful!

Using a company computer or smartphone: Oh boy oh boy! I love it when holiday shoppers shop online while at work using a company device! A company-assigned device often comes with direct access to company files, company contact lists and the opportunity for my fellow scammers and I to infect their business network with whatever malware feels right at the time.

Shopping online with your work PC: This is the best for a scammer like me! What’s better than smartphone access? Direct network access! When people sneak in their holiday online shopping while at work, I can infect their PC and get access to the company network way easier!

Clicking on banking or shipping emails: If I send these emails out and make them look urgent, I can get a huge click-through rate from people eagerly awaiting their parcel deliveries! The best are the ones where they happily fill out their banking information for me, thinking there was a problem they needed to rectify. Please don’t call your bank, just click on my email and enter your account details! Merry Christmas to me!

Text requests to consolidate refunds: I love to text a link to my malware to people and say something like “We overcharged you and a refund is waiting”, ha ha ha, so many people fall for this because who doesn’t want free money? I know I do! That’s why I love what I do! …and I couldn’t do it without all of your support, ignorance and lack of awareness! Please keep it up!

Social media posts: quick aside; I have lots of scam-buddies (that’s what we call ourselves) who love to infect business networks, collect bank info, or just spread malware to get information to sell….and then there are those old-school scam-buddies (hashtag “friends-to-the-end”) who still prefer an old-fashioned “smash-and-grab”. When you post when you’re leaving the house, going away on holidays, or share pics showing how high your pile of Xmas presents stacks up beneath your Christmas Tree, these guys’ eyes light up like a …a…I can’t think of an analogy but some kind of large thing that’s covered in sparkling lights!

Okay, that’s all for now, I have to go; during the time it took me to write this up I’ve had dozens of fools click on my links and I think I’m able to make a fortune, so I gotta go! Happy Holidays, specifically to “Debra”, who think she’s just updated her bank account information but all she really did was give me her bank account information! LOL! Classic Debra.

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