How Does Your IT Stack Up to These Standards?

Dec 15, 2017

Gut feelings can be as important as business intelligence. Sometimes, you know there is a better way to run your business but aren’t sure what that would even look like. When it comes to your technology and IT support, the first step is simply asking your vendor for some guidance and steering. Without a relationship where you feel that question would even make sense to them, it may be time to consider your options.

Doing Things Differently
At ActiveCo, we learn. Sometimes hard. Solutions often come from trial and error, which we have used over the years to develop some truly impactful solutions and processes that allow our clients to run and grow their business.

Every IT company out there, small, large, even individual contractors, will have some understanding of your business’ need for security and updates. Though we feel we do it better than the rest, we follow a patching schedule just like they would. We feel an understanding of your business, your system and your security needs is the bare minimum needed to call oneself an IT company.

Network Administrators
Dedicated network administration is something we have specifically separated from our help desk. They are specifically not help desk material. They act different, they smell different, they are simply not a part of any reactive service. Our Network Administrators are the ones who take the time, over many months and years, to truly understand your business process needs. This allows us to better perform proactive work on your systems as your business changes, grows and gains new employees & roles. Not many IT companies take on the resources and dedicate the time to understand your day to day needs, which further help understand your overall company vision.

vCIO – Virtual Chief Information Officer
A dedicated vCIO is your direct resource as the point-of-contact working with ActiveCo. This is the person who takes the lessons we have learned in the past and helps implement strategies to your business. Nobody wants to be the guinea pig for a technology or business strategy and our years of history removes that from most equations!

There is Always a Way
One relationship provides you with more class than just another MSP or IT support company. If you have the wrong technology partner, its easy to assume you then have the wrong technology.
Does your provider truly understand your vision for the company? Do they understand the business strategy behind your requests and inquiries?

If you’re looking for a genuinely different approach to your business strategies and how to acquire and implement the right technologies and security, please contact us.

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