If Productivity Is a Constant Battle, Consider Using Mercenaries

Sep 7, 2018

The business landscape can be unforgiving. It can be filled with landmines that slow progress to a crawl and blitzes that send your head spinning. If you were to compare the business world to history’s great battles, technology solutions are a business’ weapons. They are the tools used to make the everyday grind possible. The more advanced an army’s technology, the bigger the edge they have over outfits that don’t have that technology…as long as it works as intended.

In the information age, if an army doesn’t have enough people to take advantage of their weaponry, they have two choices: They can choose to automate the use of those weapons or they can hire people to train their general soldiers and to ensure that they are working as intended. These outsourced soldiers are called mercenaries. They are the ones that are proficient with the weaponry and the tactics needed to be effective at war.

In the case of business technology, the outsourced IT technicians at COMPANYNAME are mercenaries in our own right. We have the proficiencies needed to make your IT work the way you intend it to, while providing the expertise needed to provide your staff the support and training needed to ensure that they can stay productive.

If business is indeed looked on as war, there are three major battles that businesses have to win to maximize their operational effectiveness. To win these battles, a business’ high command may be prudent to enlist the use of a mercenary force of outsourced IT professionals.

Battle #1: Downtime
Inefficiencies that happen in your business may be unavoidable, but interruptions can largely be eliminated. Downtime is likely the costliest part of any technology-related problem; and, as a result, anything you can do to keep downtime to a minimum will help your efforts. IT mercenaries can present a lot of value in the battle against downtime. First, they continuously monitor and manage your business’ network, ensuring that any inefficiencies or threats are proactively eliminated.

Additionally, the IT mercenary comes with its own weapons. Not only do we leverage automated systems to ensure your network and infrastructure are comprehensively managed, we provide complete data backup and recovery services that protect all of your organization’s data against loss. Our BDR frequently and reliably backs up all your relevant data both to a network attached device and to an offsite data center, providing complete data protection and powerful redundancy.

Battle #2: Technology Implementation
Another battle that IT mercenaries can help with is project fulfillment. Most businesses are looking for an edge, and a lot of time the better your organization’s technology is, the more effective your product and service delivery will be. Today’s collaborative and cooperative technologies are potent and can really serve as a springboard to the kind of success your organization is looking for.

Some projects are bigger than others, and regardless if you have an onsite IT department or you rely on COMPANYNAME to monitor and maintain your technological integrity, sometimes it’s an uphill battle. To ensure that your project implementations don’t end up as casualties, having the professional expertise that our technicians provide can go a long way toward getting your business functioning the way you want it to.

Battle #3: Cybersecurity
The biggest battle that is currently waging for any business’ technology is how they address their online threats. Since data is an extremely important asset for every business, securing the data has to be a priority. COMPANYNAME’s technicians are experts in dealing with these threats, securing your network and infrastructure by unleashing some of the best weapons available to keep these threats at bay.

One of these solutions is what’s called a Unified Threat Management (UTM) system. The UTM takes an all-encompassing approach to network security, including solutions like antivirus, spam protection, content filtering, and firewalls to not only keep threats out of your network, but to proactively eliminate the ones that do dare to encroach.

Today’s online threats, whether they be ransomware, other malware, hacking attacks, or something more devious have to have their progress impeded in order for your business to maintain the profitability necessary to function as designed. For the small business, it is important to have solutions working on the front lines, but with the lethality of today’s threats, it becomes crucial that you have a reserve force ready to deploy if the situation arises.

As your own personal mercenary fleet, our technicians can provide backup when it’s needed most. We can arm your business with the best security solutions on the market, ranging from something as simple as antivirus protection to full-scale monitoring and management. We can put our technicians to work for you, regardless of how arduous the battlefield is.

To learn more about how we can help you win the battles your company is forced to fight, give us a call at PHONENUMBER.

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