Implementing Softphones for Remote Workers isn’t a Hard Decision

Oct 18, 2016

business_voip_400One of the biggest concerns that business owners have with remote workers is being able to control and centralize communication. A worker in the office can be plugged right into the company phone system, but how does this translate to those who work from home some or all of the time?

To accommodate these concerns, there is an option to consider. When trying to equip a remote worker with the tools they will need to remain productive and collaborate with the rest of the team, try a softphone solution on a VoIP system.

To translate this tech jargon, a softphone is a phone that functions through software on a computer, using either the conventional phone line or Voice over Internet Protocol to transmit the conversation between the involved parties. Softphones, unlike many exclusively VoIP-based phones, do not require a physical device, and instead reside on any computing solution with an Internet connection. They often include a digitally-based number pad as a part of the program.

Therefore, it makes more sense to utilize softphones when equipping your remote worker to remain connected.

After all, as an economic business owner, financing new equipment is always a major consideration before implementing any decision, especially one that revolves around technology solutions. With a good VoIP solution, you can use traditional handsets like you have been used to, but you can also send and receive calls from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Softphones definitely have the edge when it comes to mobility, as the worker can simply install the client to an existing mobile device and utilize an Internet connection to place or take calls. Also in favor of the softphone is their price, or lack thereof. Without the need for any specialized equipment, a softphone client can be downloaded and set to your device relatively easily. Depending on your plan, there may be costs per user, or costs per device. Therefore, you’ll want your IT provider to lay all of this out for you before you make the investment.

Since remote workers need a quick and easy solution they can access on-the-go, softphone mobile clients seem to be the best fit–but that is entirely dependent on your unique situation. For assistance and advice while setting up your communication solutions, reach out to us at PHONENUMBER.

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