Why is IT Support Important for Business?

Dec 14, 2020

If you are in business, irrespective of the size of your organization, IT support for business is essentials. And yet, more often than not, IT expenses are often looked at as a necessary evil than an essential enabler in the growth and sustenance of your business. This ancient mind set needs to change if your business needs to evolve with the times, especially in a post-pandemic world with its unavoidable thrust on digital-first and remote-first experiences.

This is applicable irrespective of whether you are dealing with customers, business management, operations, and employees or trying to deploy your products/ services or liaise with vendors remotely. With cost of operations inching higher than ever and many organizations forced to run with a leaner workforce, deploying the right technological solutions for your business is no mean feat. This is where Managed Services Providers (MSPs) can help you deploy the latest in technology, automation and remote management without breaking your bank.

Let’s take a look at some of the metrics of technology purchases enabled by MSPs from April to June 2020 (Note: not all technologies are exclusively related to the pandemic):

  • Conferencing/meeting rooms: up 631%
  • DevOps tool chain: up 113%
  • IT service management (ITSM): up 101%
  • Contact center and customer service: up 76%
  • Web security: up 73% (You may cover it within core part under subtopic “Enhance Overall Security”)
  • SD WAN: up 54%

Reasons Why Every Business Needs IT Support

Businesses of all sizes need effective IT support and systems not just to increase productivity and efficiency, but because technology really forms the backbone of all business operations and management. An efficient design of your inherent technological framework enables a better experience for everyone involved in your business – from your employees, to vendors, stakeholders and of course, customers. To achieve the maximum process efficiency, you should be thinking not just in terms of overhead management and increased efficiency, but also in terms of technological problem solving and convenience for your employees and customers. 

Let’s take a look at the various benefits of managed IT support for business and why they are critical to your corporate success:

Data storage and management

In the way forward for businesses, how intelligently you acquire, manage and drive business intelligence from your data can well be the differentiator between you and your competitors. All businesses have to acquire and manage sensitive data including employees’ salary, income, and HR details, vendor information, proprietary business data and much more. A single breach in your data repository can result in irreparable damages to the company’s finances and reputation. It’s incredibly important for businesses to hire the right MSP to audit your business’ data landscape closely to weed out potential vulnerabilities, build in resilience and minimize the threat scope as much as possible.

Network connectivity

Although a seemingly basic service, your IT support should handle end-to-end management of any and all networks inside your business. They take care of deployment, management and surveillance of your network for security purposes. Connectivity issues can cause real disruption in day-to-day workflow of any business and can end up in losses in both productivity and employee/ customer experience.


Save Money Over Time

One of the greatest benefits in engaging the services of Managed Services Providers is the huge cost savings it affords to small and medium sized businesses in the long run. It literally levels your playing field a bit when you don’t have to bear up-front costs for expensive hardware and software and yet have access to the most cutting-edge relevant technological tools for your business. Moreover, experts at MSPs can also guide you to the right tools and technologies for your specific business needs – something almost every single business organization struggles with given the mind-numbing number of options available to them these days.

An expert IT support provider will also guarantee near-zero downtime and disruption with SLAs so you can rest easy about lost productivity and customer servicing. Most importantly, MSPs can help free up the bandwidth of your in-house resources from routine mundane tasks that can largely be automated or outsourced and lets them grapple with the larger infrastructure challenges or problems your organization faces.

Improve Decision Making

Better decision-making comes through astute technical and business pan-industry knowledge built up over decades – something that may not be readily available to your in-house resources. A good MSP will also conduct thorough market research and data analysis of your extended network and industry before putting forward business recommendations. The result? Better, well-informed and data-backed business decisions and goal setting.

Many MSPs also use digital marketing tools such as Microsoft CRM Dynamics and Google Analytics to track progress and development. MSPs use a host of tools and technologies to craft a pathway to implement actions, monitor responses, track results and modify further actions to enhance existing strategies through more precise and advanced alternatives to reaching your business objectives.

Enhance Overall Security

Cybersecurity has become a prime concern for businesses since the COVID-19 period has seen an explosive growth in cybercrime of all types. This is another area where MSPs can add true value to your organization as they often have highly skilled security experts on board who have worked in the industry for decades and have the wide-ranging expertise that dealing with evolving threats require. MSPs can also keep your network and all systems monitored 24*7*365 for abnormal signs of activity and even help automate certain security protocols, including requesting human intervention whenever required.

Even the best of brands out there have fallen prey to security loopholes and vulnerabilities in their network resulting in severe financial loss, exposure of sensitive customer, vendor or business information and of course, a severe blow to reputation. Security is not an aspect of business you can ever afford to take lightly as you are responsible for handling not just your data, but also the information of your customers and trusted partners. MSPs can help you shore up your defences against all potential criminal threats and viruses with effective security layering of your entire network. 

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