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When to Get a Document Management System?

For businesses that produce tonnes of paper invoices, or have file box after file box taking up space in their building, a document management system can go a long way, providing an access-controlled database while additionally maintaining your compliance requirements. Your business or industry may have unique requirements, and we would be happy to help you review and confirm your business needs with you.

What is a Document Management System?
An enormous electronic filing cabinet. It can be hosted in the cloud or in your server room and may integrate with your current software to provide astounding ease of use.

Why Would I Need One?
The main reasons to have a DMS include having that ease of access to information, maintaining national compliance requirements, and even if just to get rid of the file cabinets, the paper files and printing costs. You can search, send, receive, alter, and file any document your organization creates. With every file at your fingertips, you can cut down on redundancy costs, while boosting the efficiency of your business.

Go Paperless
Going paperless does several things for your company, as well as the environment (a nice side effect!). Not only do you cut out the paper, ink, and printer maintenance costs (that are typically not inconsequential) but you also gain the ability to access, edit, and save any document in your database; this speeds up every part of your business, and keeps everything organized inside a familiar space for your team’s access.

Should disaster remove all your paper documentation history, you wouldn’t likely be in business much longer. With a comprehensive document management system, paired with a proper backup and business continuity plan, you will be able to backup every file that your organization keeps, allowing you to come through disaster intact.

If you would like more information about implementing a document management system, or if you are interested in improving your organization’s technology in any way, contact the IT professionals at COMPANYNAME today at PHONENUMBER.

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