Is Your Effort Getting Things Done?

by | Feb 18, 2019

You can’t have a successful business without efficiency. Unfortunately, some office environments can have a negative influence on the way your employees get their work done. Take a moment to ask yourself this question: “Are you busy, or are you actually being productive?”

These Words Are Completely Different
While it might seem like being busy and being productive are the same thing, this is quite far from the truth. For example, take a look at that worker who is constantly running around the office handling this or that. While they might be busy, they might not necessarily be productive or getting anything important done; in order to be productive, you have to “produce” something.

The Issue with Comparing the Two
Unfortunately, the difference between busy and productive is largely considered subjective. Let’s say you assign a research project to two employees. One of them starts watching YouTube videos while the other is typing up a document. Who is really getting the work done? If the one watching videos has found something relevant to their task and the writer is typing up something unrelated to the task, the video watcher would be the supposed “slacker” based on appearances and assumption.

This showcases how similar busyness and productivity can be. Basically, if you can fool yourself into thinking that being busy is the same as being productive, you won’t be getting anything done.

How to Identify When You’re Just “Keeping Busy”
Take another look at how you spend your time, and compare it to how you accomplish your responsibilities. If you spend a lot of time reading about things on the Internet, they should be about something related to your job or the task at hand, and it’s easy to get distracted online. Activity doesn’t have to be considered time-wasting, but it is definitely wasting time when done without a clear goal in mind. Simple advice is to just try to use your best judgement to determine if what you’re doing is a waste or not. If you stop periodically and ask yourself, “am I working towards my goal right now?” you may find yourself off course.

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