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Growth. Resilience. Satisfaction.

IT Outsourcing Vancouver

We believe in long-term relationships. We believe in growth. We believe in you and your team. That means doing what it takes to ensure your goals are met, your team is happy, and you are always satisfied.

Ensure maximum process efficiency

Proactive remote monitoring

Monitoring your network system is crucial to detect anomalies, security issues and maintain the overall health of your systems. At ActiveCo, as part of our IT Outsourcing services, we help you achieve this remotely through proactive monitoring of client endpoints, networks and computers.

Status report on system health across client systems/networks

Maintenance of client systems and regular updates

System auto-generated service tickets to resolve issues on priority

All software and updates on a single, easily accessible dashboard

Automated scheduled maintenance at client’s request

Security patches implemented remotely

Administer multiple complex tasks simultaneously to a variety of systems remotely

Building trust with our valued clients

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Comprehensive IT Outsourcing in Vancouver

Implementing System Integration

Ensuring maximum efficiency of business processes is dependent on clear communication lines. System integration can help you achieve this through establishing clear line of sight in both business-to-business communication and internal enterprise communication. This can, in turn, help you achieve massive improvement in productivity and quality of your operations.

At ActiveCo, we help you with:

Link all your different IT systems, services and/or software into a single cohesive unit for better overview of functioning and communication across systems

Integrate the client’s data across existing systems including basic internal connections to enabling complex multipoint integrations (internal or with third parties)

Design, implement and test the integration solution unique to specific clients. We also continuously manage the solution as required and enable third-party connections

The People You Can Trust

Ensuring peace of mind

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Backup as a Service takes the worry out of your storage problems by providing flexible solutions wherein data administrators can simply handover the responsibilities of maintenance and management to us.

With ActiveCo, as part of our IT Outsourcing Vancouver BaaS, you can add an extra layer of security to your data because it’s not just stored in physical, centralized, on-premise servers but is uploaded directly and securely to a private, public, or hybrid cloud managed by third-party providers. Physical storage (on or offsite) is cumbersome and cost intensive.

Evolve. Simplify. Digitize.

Key IT Outsourcing Industries We Serve

Your financial and accounting services teams of CPA’s, bookkeepers and staff require 100% consistent access to your data, systems and resources to deliver to your clients on time, around the clock. Remain online, secure and compliant to build credibility and a consistency that your clients will return to and refer season after season. The right technology success partner helps you avoid interruptions during business-critical tax times where communication is key to growing your revenue.

Large documentation and machinery controls mandate you have secure data access, compliance to industry best practices and document management strategies to sustain your product. There is no room for error from start to finish. Work with a technology partner like ActiveCo to develop and retain productivity, cybersecurity and digital innovation.

Many manufacturers lack the resources or time to keep on top of evolving technologies, let alone improve upon critical business intelligence & production data already in place. We help organizations cut costs and implement smart manufacturing processes that comply to regulations, quality control and safety standards required for the industry

Gain a direct line of sight

Adapt Digital Transformation

Business Process Automation is often deployed to automate high-volume repeatable tasks that require extensive manpower otherwise. This also has the added advantage of streamlining your processes, reducing the scope of human error, increasing accuracy and reducing costs of labor and supplies.

At ActiveCo, we help you with:

Gain a line of sight into hidden costs and opportunities within your systems as digital processes

Render every process quantifiable with definite causation between inputs and outcome

Learn how to best influence levers to convert by analyzing the real time data through apt AI and ML tools at your disposal

We go that extra mile for you

IT Outsourcing Vancouver Partners and Vendors

Whether you’re in the cloud, on premises, a large manufacturer or a small services firm, we have established relationships with global companies to help deliver you the support and services you need, when you need them.

IT Outsourcing Vancouver Engagement

Easy Staff Augmentation with our 4-step Co-Managed IT process

Whether you’re moving to us from an existing provider, a contractor, or looking for us to augment or support your current team, we make it easy!

Step 1


Our service starts with understanding where you are today and what are your future objectives. You're the expert in your industry and want to help grow your business through technology.

Step 2


We take your existing environment documents and do all the data entry, account transfers, licensing documentation and inventory tracking while you continue running your business.

Step 3

Official Introductions

You can expect an executive kick-off meeting to quantify your strategic objectives with technology needs.

Step 4

Building Relationships

Our team is introduced to your business, your communication style and your business objectives. Your team will receive our First-Class Customer Service.

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