Keep Your Technology Up to Date to Retain Employees

Mar 15, 2019

Whether you like it or not, millennials (those reaching young adulthood around the year 2000) make up a significant portion of the workforce and will continue to penetrate your industry as more and more staff “age out” of their current roles. Appropriately leveraging a younger team’s skills is going to become a big part of succeeding as a business, but millennials are known for their tendency to hop from job to job as opportunity calls. How can you keep your top millennial talent from jumping ship? You can start by offering the latest technologies.

Not Just Millennials
This doesn’t apply solely to millennials but they did help sound the alarm. Anyone would get frustrated from having to deal with old technology. Employees that have technology that performs as fast as they do will be much less likely to leave their job, so it’s worth keeping in mind that an employee satisfied with their technology is more likely to be a loyal employee.

A Future Workforce Study by Dell and Intel shows that 42 percent of millennials are ready and willing to leave a company that has no interest in providing them today’s standard of quality technology. The report was based on a poll of 4,000 full-time employees from all types of businesses, scattered throughout 10 different countries. Another statistic from the same study shows that 51 percent of millennials believe that virtual reality technology and the Internet of Things will be major contenders in the workplace in the near future, and could make face-to-face meetings practically unnecessary.

They understand that the best technology on the market is likely to improve the way that a business functions. Therefore, millennials might not immediately understand the woes of a corporate IT budget, if your company has not made consistent strides in updating it’s technology regularly.

Simple Upkeep, with Planning
Keeping your business’s technology as up-to-date as possible doesn’t have to be challenging, and it poses several benefits that can give you a competitive edge. These days, you can take advantage of the best technology solutions, such as “Hardware as a Service,” meaning that you pay for new hardware on a month-by-month basis. You get specifically what you need, without the hefty up-front price tag that often cripples budgets.

Think about it this way; if your server unit experiences a hardware failure, what do you do? If your IT budget is exhausted, and you can’t afford to replace it immediately, you experience downtime that can further cripple your business. One of the best ways you can combat this is by preventing problems from happening in the first place through proactive management and maintenance.

ActivCo can create an IT roadmap for you that lets you plan for future upgrades, so that your promises to procure new hardware and software solutions for your staff aren’t empty.

To learn more, reach out to COMPANYNAME at PHONENUMBER to understand how we proactively work with our clients to maintain their environment and ensure their HR process includes attractive technology options for incoming team members.

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