Know Your Managed IT Terminology

Jan 28, 2021

In a world of computers and technology, there are a few things you are expected to know if you are in anyway associated with information technology. Technical abbreviations tend to quickly slide themselves into the vernacular which is why if you are about to get associated with it, going through a brief of the terminologies used in the market is necessary to dwell in it. 

To catch the pace of the constantly growing IT field, it’s essential to know every term ranging from common to advanced on the scale. This blog will take you through a series of the most-used terminologies and will also explain how are they important in the IT profession.

Adaptive Technology

Adaptive technology is known for helping the disabled to function as simply as possible. It is a set of technological tools and products that helps them work efficiently in their daily tasks like getting dressed, eating, writing, etc. 

Importance of Adaptive Technology

The importance of being independent in today’s world is rising and Adaptive Technology gives exactly that to the disabled. Moreover, the inclusive environment of the work world enhances indiscrimination in the work place and Adaptive Technology makes it possible by eliminating the hurdles faced by the disabled with basic day-to-day activities.

Agile Development

The processes involved in creating a software is usually indicated as Agile Development. This set of processes are usually creative and flexible which means the code is kept simple and is tested often. This term emphasizes on incremental delivery, team collaboration, continual delivery, etc., and it’s incremental yet functional parts are released as soon as they are ready.

Importance of Agile Development

Business requirements are demanding more flexibility year after year. With the ever-changing demands, there is a much-needed change expected in the supply world. Agile Development, with its focus on individuals rather than tools and processes opens up the possibility of a higher quality and functional product. 

Business Intelligence (BI)

This term refers to leveraging tools and softwares to analyze and transform raw data sets into actionable insights to drive better business decisions. Business Intelligence (BI) involves data mining, analyzing trends, and deriving insights to streamline the business efforts.

Importance of Business Intelligence (BI)

First and foremost, Business Inteligence takes up a lot of human work i.e., pulling up data for you managers, and cuts on your extra effort and cost. It can make target-driven business decisions and provide a new set of opportunities for your business. 

BYOD (Bring your own device)

This refers to a policy or a situation where an employee is required to use a personal device such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc., and integrate it with the organization’s network. BYOD allows employees to gain the IT support of their personal devices from the organization.

Importance of BYOD

When an employee brings their own devices at work, it will automatically reduce your IT costs and free up your resources. Moreover, their familiarity with their own devices makes them more productive and creative. These devices hold a risk of security which needs enhanced protection to be safe from any possible threats.


Also known as multi-platform software and platform-indepent software, Cross Platform refers to a product that is interopable among a variety of operating environments. This is majorly targeted towards creating softwares that can run on any operating systems i.e. Microsoft Windows, Linux & MacOS.

Why are Cross Platforms important?

To encourage user flexibility and to increase the number of potential users, cross-platform softwares are a must. With the technology innovating itself everyday, people are using a variety of operating systems and to keep up with it, coming up with a cross-platform software ensures that you always dominate in your market niche.



When you outsource your work to a set of people from a specific area, it is referred as Crowdsourcing. This approach towards work takes away the in-house efforts of the task and saves time as the work is assigned to a bigger group of people i.e., general public.

Importance of Crowdsourcing

When you crowdsource and turn to a larger group of people for ideas and solutions, it can enhance the ideation process of the organization. Not only you get to access great ideas, but you can also utilize this to get unexpected feedbacks from the real-time users.

Disruptive Technology

It refers to a new technology that significantly alters the ways consumers, and businesses operate and primarily, replaces an old one. It sweeps away the existing systems and habits to replace it with something more capable, useful, and recognizable.

Why is disruptive technology important?

Staying updated is a major requirement for IT professionals and with disruptive technology, you will also need to polish your skills according to the advancement/replacement. Moreover, to adapt to Disruptive Technology, it necessary to always be on a lookout for something ‘better’.

Enterprise Architecture

To implement the best of strategies is as important as coming up with them. Enterprise Architecture is a function that help organizations standardize and organize their IT operations. It is important when the work process has to be aligned with the set of business goals which is possible through Enterprise Architecture.

Importance of Enterprise Infrastructure

To gain a better visibility towards the business goals, enterprise architecture plays an important role. The enterprise architecture tree provides a holistic view of the organization which eventually makes them more efficient and confident for their future goals.

Green Technology

Also known as environmental technology or clean technology, is an umbrella that describes environment-friendly innovations and technology that directly relate to recycle waste, safety, health, energy efficiency, etc. Green Technology encompasses an evolving group of methods and materials in order to come up with techniques for generating energy i.e., solar cells, reusable bottled water, etc.

Importance of Green Technology

It’s a win-win situation when the environment is preserved and the organization’s costs are reduced. Green Technology reduces energy usage which translates into lower carbondioxide emissions and also minimized the use of electricity.

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)

IT Infrastructure Library is a collection of volumes which narrates the best practices for delivering IT services. It has been revised a few times but currently has a total of five books.

Relevancy of ITIL

ITIL feeds us with a systematic and professional approach towards the management of IT service. It is also a highly credible framework and is the finest guide for an IT professional. Not just this, the certification for ITIL can bring numerous benefits to your career.

How did you find it useful?

IT is a broad and a constantly growing field and we can’t ignore the growth and innovations it demands. With the growing age, sticking up to these terminologies and always learning the new ones that come by is essential for a rising growth graph curve no matter if you are experiencing managed IT services in Vancouver.

Getting a catch of these terms can help you better understand the context and intricate terminological details. On this note, tell us how these terminologies helped you. After all, your outputs can be as strong as your communication skills!

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