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ActiveCo includes KnowBe4’s phishing education defence planning as a standard best practice for managed services partners.

Integrating this educational awareness program with their standard, multi-layer intrusion safeguards, ActiveCo’s enhanced security protection is a unique best practice in an ever-growing threat landscape for businesses in Canada. Why is user awareness training so important?

“The last line of defence for any intrusion system is the end user, and scammers know it,” says Sam Goh, CEO of ActiveCo Technology Management.

A recent study by MimeCast tested over 95 million emails and found that 15% of malicious emails, to this day, still make it through multiple spam filtering protocols.

“Those results show there are 10 million chances for users to click on something they shouldn’t”, asserts Goh.

Standard with their monthly consulting services, ActiveCo will use KnowBe4’s testing strategies to ensure a consistency of ongoing threat awareness for their clients.

Ever wondered how aware your staff are when it comes to sniffing out phishing emails that threaten your environment? ActiveCo works with business owners like you to bolster their security, confidence and staff knowledge base around cybersecurity.

A full article on this phishing report can be seen in it’s entirety here:

We thought it was bad when we saw Cyren’s recent analysis that 10.5% of bad emails made it through the filters. 

It could even be worse than that.

“Mimecast’s latest ESRA (email security risk assessment) report found more than 14,277,163 pieces of spam, 9,992 emails containing dangerous file types, and 849 unknown emails with malware attachments — all missed by the incumbent providers and delivered to users’ inboxes.

Overall, the Mimecast security service determined that more than 14 million of the more than 95 million emails, or 15%, were in fact “bad” or “likely bad.”

In other words, the overall false negative rate in aggregate for the incumbent security systems that were tested was 15% of all emails inspected by Mimecast.

The Mimecast security inspections occurred passively after the incumbent email security system executed all of its security filters. Most notably, 11,653 known emails with malicious attachments passed through these systems, an increase of 532 percent in comparison to last quarter’s assessment.

“Mimecast’s ESRA (PDF) is aiming to establish a standard of transparency that raises the bar for all security vendors helping organisations pinpoint weaknesses in their defenses,” said Matthew Gardiner, cyber-security strategist at Mimecast.

Gardiner continued: “Emails ranging from opportunistic spam, targeted impersonation attacks and unknown malware are getting through incumbent email security systems. The security system of one primary cloud email platform missed 76.6 percent of the aggregate impersonation attacks while another global security vendor missed the 83.4 percent of the “known” malware attachments.”

msa-screen2Do you know what’s getting through your mail filters?

KnowBe4 is excited to announce that now you can use our brand new, innovative Mailserver Security Assessment (MSA), to help you assess your organization’s mailserver configuration settings and check the effectiveness of your email filtering rules.

With email still the #1 attack vector used by the bad guys, MSA helps you to see what types of messages may make it through your filters from the outside.

MSA gives you a quick insight at how your mailserver handles test messages that contain a variety of different message types including email with attachments that contain password-protected, macro zipped, and .exe files or have spoofed domains.

For further details on how cybersecurity threatens your business, call ActiveCo Technology Management at 604.931.3633 for a conversation.

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