Leave Your Moving Stresses In Your Old Office

Aug 27, 2018

Nothing takes up a CEO or project manager’s time more than an impending office move, let alone the constant changes, the “new information” that throws a wrench in “best laid plans” and the uncertainty that each step forward seems to create. Having multiple 3rd parties helping establish & confirm the business needs of the company, not to mention navigating the transfer of services and vendor information, and of course your staff constantly wondering when “the big day” will be…..stressed out yet?

An office move is rarely done for laughs, it is an important step that proves your company has a need to grow, the ability to grow and sets the stage for a new era for your organization. To make this process much more manageable, COMPANYNAME offers several services to aid in your business’ growth. Our trained IT consultants can provide your business with a plan to enable growth, while helping manage it. Whether you’re moving to a larger space, or just a newer one, we work with our clients to create an action plan to help make office moves an exciting time, not a stressful one.

Here are some of the steps involved in relocating your organization:

  • Confirm your Internet service provider: It’s very important for your organization to have an Internet connection that can adapt to your business’ needs. If your new office needs to be rewired to accommodate changes to your workforce, it could take several months just for this process to be completed. COMPANYNAME can help your business connect with all kinds of businesses in the area, including ISPs who can help you get your new office up and running.
  • Perform a property assessment: We can provide an assessment of how you could arrange your technology to be most effective. This gives you a preemptive view of how you can set up your office for success and optimized connections.
  • Plan your logistics: If you want your business to be functional during your move, you need to plan out how this can happen. You need to make sure all the phones are connected, all of the furniture is moved in, and all of your vendors are squared away before making the jump.

COMPANYNAME can help you take the pain out of this process. To learn more, reach out to us at PHONENUMBER.

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