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Keep your data secure with our IT security planning that includes advanced end-point protection software with education and training for your business.

Comprehensive IT Security

Trust is everything in business and ActiveCo strives to be “The People You Can Trust” with your IT security in Vancouver.

A data breach could ruin your brand and reputation, as well as compromise sensitive data. Mitigate risk across over 50 security endpoints with purposeful threat protection, SIEM monitoring, multi-factor authentication and more.

There is more cybercrime today than ever – and small and medium-sized businesses continue to become bigger targets as more cybercriminals realize SMBs don’t have the adequate security resources to effectively protect their data and systems.

IT Security Planning

Email Security Services

Endpoint Security

SIEM incident response

Personalized Cybersecurity Strategy

Your business needs a personalized security plan that can evolve to face new digital threats before they become reputational nightmares. If your current IT security business plan hasn’t been updated in a few years, it’s not properly equipped to handle the dynamic threats wreaking havoc across the business world.

Developing a cybersecurity roadmap together takes understanding where your business currently stands. An IT security vulnerability assessment can identify the security gaps across your computers, network, systems, hardware, applications, and other parts of your IT environment to provide an objective analysis with actionable insights we can use to strengthen your defenses.

Your vCIO will work with you to develop a comprehensive security management road map and fluid cybersecurity strategy to protect your company. Our goal is to evaluate your business and lower the risk levels, as well as continuously monitor your security for the long-term.

Don’t regret having to react to a breach – be proactive about your security! Data breaches can result in millions of dollars in losses either immediately or over time. It’s not a matter of if, but when your organization will be targeted and potentially compromised.

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IT Security Planning

To stay compliant with the latest data security regulations, compliance needs and consumer data privacy policies, leverage a team that understands the security requirements you need to meet.

Through IT security planning, we utilize best-of-brand, industry-leading measures to develop an extensive security strategy including network segmentation, systems implementations, testing, 24×7 monitoring, vulnerability and patch management, as well as compliance planning.

With a complete suite IT security services, we can protect all your IT assets including computers, routers, firewalls, servers, and mobile devices. With unique backup and disaster recovery solutions, we ensure threats are mitigated, backups are tested and recoverable to your preferences, to reduce the potential of data loss from external or internal threats, disasters, and human error.

Enhanced Security Suite

Every customer’s network and endpoints are protected with our security layers to lower your vulnerabilities in the growing threats to the business world landscape. Web browsing, email filtering and other user-based activities are heightened in safety to help you sleep at night, knowing users are less likely to make common errors. Include security awareness training to further educate your team on best practices as threats increase and change. Your small to medium sized business is high-risk target for hackers looking for an easy score.

Spam Filtering - Email security, customizable globally or by each user account

Web Filtering – Ensure your team are not accessing high-risk areas of the web

Firewall Monitoring – Ongoing learning and protection of changing threats to your network

Anti-Malware – Keep malicious software from threatening your endpoints

Anti-Virus – Ensure the stability of your security from growing threats online

Network Configuration – Unique to your business and your team’s needs

End User-Security Awareness Training – Ongoing training as a first line of defense; whether it’s meeting compliance needs or evading human error, this is a must-have for every business

Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning – Protection from human error, power outages, extreme weather or acts of God; the ability to continue running your company in the event of disasters, is paramount in today’s landscape

Multi Factor Authentication – Further secure your network, administrative access & remote devices with additional layers of security

Why Choose ActiveCo For IT Security?

ActiveCo is a BC-based IT Security Company offering a full slate of technology support and consulting. With strategic planning that focuses on maximizing performance, boosting productivity and growing your business, you’ll never look at IT the same way again.

Leverage Technology Investments

Improve Network Security

Reduce Business Risks

Mitigate Damage to Critical Files

Dramatically Improve Productivity & Performance

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