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Managed IT Services Vancouver

We focus on leveraging technology in a way that truly impacts your business.

We Manage IT For You

Comprehensive Managed IT Services Vancouver

Different businesses need different types of managed IT services from top managed service providers. From the simple day to day help desk support all the way through to mission-critical technology-driven services, it can be confusing to know what services you’re looking for without knowing exactly what services you need.

Our philosophy is to manage IT services methodologies that dramatically impacts your business, improve your security and help grow your revenue.

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Comprehensive Managed IT Services

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Proactive Performance Monitoring Apps

Proactive IT Managed Services

Identify & Resolve Service Downtime Before They Surface

Technology Planning

With technology being so dynamic, it can be a challenge to stay ahead of the curve. Our Managed IT services will take care of all your technology planning & strategies. Our team will help you leverage technology to achieve your long-term goals.

Disaster Recovery Plan

ActiveCo offers a comprehensive & robust disaster recovery & back-up plan designed to meet your company’s needs. Whether you choose in-house or a cloud-based solution, be at peace knowing your data is backed up regardless of internal or external issues.

Professional Services

Need help with more than just managed network services? At ActiveCo, we help clients achieve their strategic business plans with services like CRM deployments, tech upgrades, hardware installations, cloud migration & more.

Co-Managed IT Services

ActiveCo’s Co-Managed IT services augments your existing IT team & security platforms while providing co-managed services for your technology investment decisions. We work with you to ensure your team is focused on your business objectives.

Innovative, cost effective plans, and higher business productivity. Furthermore, security animated into each level.

At ActiveCo., we are known for moving up IT administrations and future-sealing businesses with unparalleled understanding into our customers' innovation and IT security needs.

Reinventing Customer Experience

Managed IT Service Provider

Did you know that most business owners remain IT partners with a vendor due to a) “it’s always been this way” and b) not knowing what they are missing in their current services? Your technology success partner should be able to help you acquire the right technology that is going to improve efficiency where needed, improve security for your network and help grow your revenue by finding ways that technology will help you reach your strategic business goals. If you’re managed IT services provider is not currently working on these things for you, you’re missing out on some key benefits of IT experts.

ActiveCo is a 2020 Winner of MSP Awards and a Recognised Managed Service Provider Since 1999.

24/7 Assistance

Make troublesome PC issues a relic of days gone by, permitting you to remain gainful in a relentless workplace. Call us with an issue and find solutions, right when you need it.

On-site Assistance

Exploit our quick, responsive on-site team whenever you need in-person assistance. Get all the advantages of an in-house IT office without all the drawbacks.

Proactive Monitoring

Sit back and relax realizing your frameworks are being observed nonstop, main drivers are being distinguished and tended to, and shrouded issues are settled before they transform into serious issues.

Welcoming Service

Appreciate IT uphold from our amiable, well disposed, and understandable experts who care about lighting up your day while they deal with your PC frameworks. Never stall out with a terrible IT fellow again!

Our Partners and Alliances

We believe in a cohesive growth strategy. See how our partners let us scale the growth in their journey.

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