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To Outsource IT or Not to Outsource? Which is Better?

Nov 26, 2021

IT Outsourcing BusinessWe will spare Shakespeare and stick to the basics.

Infrastructure is the bedrock of any business. Although growth is perceived to be an upward down mechanism with innovation, creativity, marketing and sales at the upper levels determining the scale of your business; it’s often the efficiency and swiftness of your service at the base that determines fluid movement of decision-making at the top. Instant issue resolution and zero down-times in processing IT help-desk requests is no longer optional, but can be the deciding competitive edge for your entire business in this cut-throat landscape. So should you rely on home-grown resources for your IT needs or engage the services of a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Managed IT Services Vs In-house IT Management

In-House IT vs. Managed IT services is old and not likely to be resolved anytime soon. Even though the two are not mutually exclusive, and you can drive benefits from both at the same time – cost and time concerns often boils this down to an either/or equation for most small and medium businesses. In this article, we will discuss each and try to come up with the best solution for your business.

IT Outsourcing Decision Factors for Businesses to Consider

Familiarity or Expertise – It’s a balance of probabilities

The most obvious benefit of having an in-house IT team is their familiarity with your infrastructure setup. Note that we mention this even over availability, which is generally perceived to be the greatest advantage. Deep familiarity with the particular quirks of current infrastructure setup is an advantage that’s hard to beat. On the other hand, even long-term and experienced IT resources tend to develop in-depth knowledge in a very narrow field. An expert from a MSP team on the other hand, has a very broad range of experience and has likely encountered similar problems in diverse setups.

Expenses and Availability – MSPs win hands down

This is one area where we can wholeheartedly recommend MSPs over in-house IT professionals. There simply is no comparison between the time and trouble involved in choosing, training (with additional certifications wherever required) and engaging full-time employees with allied HR, floor space and various other costs compared to signing up for managed it services at a set monthly fee with on-demand services available whenever necessary.

With in-house IT management, you need to have budget set aside every year for buying or upgrading new or existing technologies and tools. There are high personnel costs involved in training even a single dedicated resource and you need to have at least a low-level replacement available in case the senior personnel is unable to meet his obligations due to holidays, sick leaves, vacations, increase in workload, or if s/he decides to move on.

MSPs provide guaranteed round-the-clock availability with guaranteed response times 365 days every year. Most importantly, they offer very flexible plans that can be adapted to suit the needs of your business as you scale. For many of the additional services, you only pay as and when you require the service. The result is a much lower outlay of capital for a much better base quality of service for your infrastructure. Moreover, MSPs can enable you to activate a host of best practices tools that simply won’t be feasible due to cost limitations when you manage your IT requirements in-house. Check out Managed IT services Vancouver for some of the most customizable, affordable plans with guaranteed service delivery.

Accountability, objective counseling and Security – Why you should be thinking of MSPs

With a reliable MSP on-board, you are effectively free of budget worries when it comes to ensuring best practices, manpower and the latest technologies servicing your customers round-the-clock. More importantly, you are also free of ownership worries such as round the clock maintenance of expensive hardware or internal sabotage issues. The entire accountability for ensuring the integrity and security of your systems lie with your MSP leaving you free to focus on business problems.

In addition to servicing and maintaining your systems, managed it service providers take the onus of keeping you updated with the latest state of your infrastructure with on-demand and regular reporting. Moreover, managed IT service providers can also audit your systems and help you draw a roadmap for your infrastructure needs based on both current and future requirements. Check out the customized counseling offered by IT Support Vancouver for comprehensive plans suited to your particular business needs.

With cyberattacks becoming a part of everyday reality for enterprises, you need a trusted partner at your side in case of emergencies. With a broad range of expertise in dealing with security threats on a regular basis, experts from MSPs can be your best line of defense as opposed to the relatively myopic expertise of in-house resources. With MSPs, you are ensured of deft IT service management with strict industry-leading security measures in place and your backups are managed consistently in remote servers.

So, how do you choose?

In effect, we think the choice boils down to the level of control you want over your infrastructure. If you think your company requires absolute granular level control over high-level technicalities or have already invested considerably in buying your own in-house IT tools, then, by all means stick to homegrown resources who have serviced your infrastructure setup for years. After all, it is hard to match up to the comfort level and peace of mind that comes with knowing your IT person is always on hand.

But if you think your business requires dynamic problem-solving and creative approaches sourced from the best in the industry, you will be much better off engaging a reputed MSP. Moreover, with MSPs engaged in a pitched battle to offer the highest possible service quality, your response time, whether remote or on-premise, are guaranteed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The best IT managed services companies will own all your infrastructure and service needs and facilitate instant remote help and constant monitoring of your systems for threat prevention. They also bring in specialized experts available to you on demand whether you need help resolving particular technical problems or need a roadmap for your infrastructure needs and budget.

On a day-to-day basis, however, the real differentiator between managed IT services vs. in-house IT management really boils down to efficiency and cost savings. Managed it support services and managed it security services assure premium service and enable you to unleash a level of efficiency and security in your business that may take months or years for your in-house resources to achieve.

There is no capital outlay involved with managed IT services as you can do away with dedicated space requirements for IT staff, HR costs, schedule clashes, business hour limitations and many more factors that hinder the true potential of your IT process efficiencies and add to costs. Moreover, if you are not happy with the quality of service offered by your current MSP, it’s very easy to find a replacement IT service provider who understands your needs and can deliver over and above your SLAs.

Find the best managed it services near you today. Simply give us a call at IT Support Vancouver and we will make our certified and trained IT experts available to you within a day.

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