Is Your Mobile Device Strategy Strict Enough?

Jun 7, 2018

Mobile technology is allowing businesses to make great strides in efficiency while decreasing costs considerably. More mobility makes for a better return on investment for your expensive technology solutions.

Mobile Device Strategy

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In terms of cost reduction, the most notable one comes from always being connected to the office (some see this as a necessary evil of modern business). Without the need to be on-site, mobile computing gives employees all of the tools they need to perform their daily duties (wherever they happen to be!).

Mobile devices also present a challenge when it comes to security, though. When more devices have access to data of a sensitive nature, it’s placed at more risk on your business, and your ability to maintain federal compliance requirements. Preventative solutions are of the utmost importance and can be the end-all-be-all for keeping hackers and user errors from sabotaging your chances of success.

Have you updated your WiFi Policies since WPA2 was hacked?

Mobile device management contains several solutions that allow your organization to take action. If you lose a device, you should be able to easily (and remotely) wipe any data that’s found on it so that it cannot be accessed by those who find it. This would surely bring peace of mind to any business owner.

Whitelisting and blacklisting applications keeps your employees accountable and responsible with which mobile applications are downloaded to their devices and not throwing away their workday on Facebook or Twitter. Furthermore, the devices will remain as secure as can be, relieving some of the stress that can come from whether or not your employees are downloading unnecessary or dangerous apps on devices intended for business.

User control allows you to decide if your employees don’t need access to a certain kind of data, then they shouldn’t be able to access it, period.

Another great tool? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) sets up a virtual encrypted tunnel between your network and your staff’s devices, inherently creating a much more secure data transfer situation than would be typical over normal networking means.

By taking better care of your devices from a security standpoint, you eliminate the costs associated with potential data leaks, allowing for increased productivity, far more productive options for the workday and peace of mind for your, the business owner.

Does your organization need a mobile device management solution?

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