Monitoring is Essential to IT Success

Nov 5, 2018

More and more small businesses today depend on their technology doing what they need it to do, immediately. If that technology isn’t working as intended, it can really stymie an organization’s ability to be impress new customers and gain a positive reputation. ActiveCo’s strategy of managed IT support and services can help your business run efficiently, by understanding how your team uses the technology (are they doing it correctly?) and if you have the right technology for what you’re trying to do (don’t overspend before doing a thorough review process!). Today, we’ll take a look at managed IT to see how proactive monitoring can deliver enhanced efficiency to businesses.

Managed IT
With the security issues that all organizations have to deal with, being proactive can be the most solid strategy to keep them from having an effect on your business’ operational integrity.

It doesn’t matter how much you pay for your organization’s IT, the unfortunate truth is that every piece of technology fails. To get the most out of it, you’ll need to help it along by keeping it maintained. At COMPANYNAME, that’s what we aim to accomplish with our remote monitoring and management service. By having eyes on your network and infrastructure, your IT remains functional and running optimally.

  • More uptime: Your IT remains stable and working efficiently, keeping disruptions to a minimum.
  • Around the clock maintenance: With our around-the-clock hardware and software maintenance, we ensure that if components are going to fail, we exhaustedly find solutions that will work to keep your business up and functional longer.
  • Streamlined performance: Your business’ IT will perform. Period (and with enhanced performance, higher levels of productivity are inevitable!).

With new (Canadian) compliance legislation in effect, did you know it’s now essential to ensure that security breaches are recognized, investigated and proactively reported to The Office of the Privacy Commissioner. Many of ActiveCo’s monthly process, procedures and strategies actually (almost by accident) help our clients continually pursue compliance. As it’s now mandatory for Canadian organizations to have a culture of compliance in place (including ongoing training, processes, procedures and documentation) it garners great peace of mind to work with our strategies and consulting services.

COMPANYNAME can help your business get started with RMM solutions and managed IT services. For more, call COMPANYNAME at PHONENUMBER today.

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