About us

ActiveCo is a company determined to be “The People You Can Trust” to work alongside you to reach your strategic business objectives. Every company uses technology nowadays and our goal is to help our customers find and utilize the technology and applications best-suited for them.

Located in Port Coquitlam, BC, just outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada, ActiveCo Technology Management has grown from a break-fix IT contractor to the best technology service & consulting firms in the world.


Established in 1999, ActiveCo "Computer Solutions" was a small, one-man company that helped small businesses fix their day-to-day computer problems that we all know and love. A simple solution to very common problems.

By 2005, and a few more people now rounding out the team, ActiveCo had taken on several more small businesses as customers and were now being asked how to support and advise on business-critical components. New technologies were allowing smaller companies to reach all-new markets, while the bad guys were increasing their threats to the business networks and emails.

The late 2010 saw ActiveCo taking on a leadership role in consulting. With a monthly, predictable fee, customers were now given access to additional time with our team to understand their technology costs and investments. Leveraging technology specific to their business needs was finding success after success. ActiveCo was well on it's way to being a true managed services provider with a unique strength in consulting with business owners.

The last decade has provide ActiveCo the opportunity to work with clients as their trusted technology success partner. We're proud to be a key part of our client's strategic business objectives and success.

ActiveCo's desire for feedback has provided incredible insight into multiple industry leader's goals, trends, failures, mis-steps and successes. By helping business owners understand what technology can do for their business, their people and their goals, ActiveCo becomes a key part of their success story.

Each member of our team of industry specialists is
committed to our six core values.

Diligence & Excellence

Carefulness, thoughtful and persistent effort creates excellent results. A persistent indication of good work ethics and a general belief that the work is good in itself.

Honesty & Integrity

We appreciate our clients and their business and we take steps to build trust and offer accountability with every one that we come in contact with.

Continuous Improvement

We’re constantly improving internal systems and refining services. Our dedicated senior technician evaluates new technologies and assesses emerging trends. We also offer technology education to the business community.

Extreme Ownership

We practice owning everything in our world, to an extreme degree. We are accountable for our work with our customers and with each other. We follow up and follow through not just for tasks we control but also for those that influence the success of our goal or task.


We are positively passionate in what we do, how we say and in when we act. Our passion fuels our dedication and commitment to the task and each other. Others will see it, hear it and feel it and come away positively impacted by each interaction with us.


We’re a passionate, dedicated group of people. We build strong bonds with everyone, not just each other but with our clients and our communities, too.


We believe in long-term relationships. We believe in growth. We believe in you and your team. We believe in technology. That means doing what it takes to ensure your goals are met, your team are happy and you are always satisfied.

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