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Are You Properly Backing Up Your Business?

by | Apr 23, 2018

Would you agree the information collected and transacted through your business is critical to it’s success? Hopefully “yes”, otherwise, why show up every day? When you back up your business data, you’re truly backing up your entire business. But what’s the best way to approach data backup? Every business has it’s unique needs. Let’s talk about some reliable backup solutions for a business environment.

Do You Have a Reliable Backup?
A reliable backup is one that you can count on to maintain company productivity if your network or infrastructure is damaged or fails at any time. You hope to never have to use the backup, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll never have to. When we first meet a company who is looking to improve their I.T. infrastructure, we ask “what is your current backup strategy”, and it is heartbreaking to hear “Oh, we’re on tapes”. Tape backup is a relic of the past that has high risk due to lack of compatibility and odds of failure (or degradation).

You may also have a portable hard drive that someone takes home. The fear of this backup being reliable includes the possibility of it being simply lost, stolen or left in unsafe storage conditions.

Is Inaction Worth the Risk?
Why would anyone would risk their business by having no, or outdated backup plans? You may be shocked to hear that we’ve spoken to companies that don’t back up any of their data. Many business owners still need a catalyst, a reason, to take action. The phrase “we’ve never had a problem” has been spoken in our ears too many times in the past. All we’re suggesting is that it’s possible to, at the very least, minimize the effects of data loss while ensuring that you’re not wasting your budget away on a solution that doesn’t work.

The Importance of Reliability 
Some companies will want a comprehensive data backup solution that backs up every single file on the network, while others might only need specific parts of it backed up. We look at each of our existing and incoming clients and help them decide what data is important, and what data is less important (note we did not say “what data is not important” because all data is important!).

There will be critical data you will need immediate access to, important data you could wait to get access to and less important data that can be archived. Each of our clients will tell you that a comprehensive backup solution can help business owners sleep at night, and make business decisions knowing they have minimized their threat of looming disaster.

Your ideal backup solution needs to be relevant, available, and secure. Here are some suggestions to consider before you call us to discuss:

  • A hard drive-based backup system is optimal, avoid outdated backup technology (like tapes). The main advantage of hard drive backups is that it can be restored quickly.
  • A cloud-based platform is also important. Your data backups can be sent to an off-site premise via the cloud. The cloud also provides encryption so that your data won’t be at risk to data thieves or hackers. If you’re in Canada, your data will also be retained on Canadian soil.
  • Your data backup solution should take backups at certain intervals. This can be decided with your technology partner, who can help you make the best decision for your unique business needs.
  • Your data backups are useless if they don’t work. Make sure that you regularly test your backups and make sure that you have a solution that gives you positive or negative verification.

Where to even begin? COMPANYNAME helps. To learn more, call us today at PHONENUMBER to learn what solutions may improve your situation for the better!

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