The Importance of Having a Secure File-Sharing Solution Cannot Be Overstated

by | Nov 16, 2016

Secured File Sharing ServicesIn the business world, you rely on agile and secure access to critical documents on a number of different devices. However, security can quickly become a problem, especially when your users have multiple devices. Is your file-sharing service enough to keep your data safe? Or, if it’s not, what are you going to do about it?


Backup to Cloud Solutions

It’s safe to say that most file-sharing solutions have their roots in the cloud. The cloud allows organizations to collaborate and share documents across devices and operating systems, to create a network that your staff can use to access important information and applications. A cloud solution is often used for hosting productivity suites and email systems, but most important of all is secure file transfer.

Many cloud solutions also offer applications that are designed for collaboration, which means that other than secure document sharing, your team can create documents and communicate in real-time. Business applications like Google’s G-Suite and Microsoft OneDrive for Business can sync your files across your entire device infrastructure so that all of your employees have access to the most recent version of a specific document. This is helpful if your business has many different people collaborating on the same project.

Cloud Security

The only question that remains is how secure your cloud needs to be. Since you’re storing your data in a cloud-based format online, you run the risk of hackers and user error bringing your business to its knees. Surprisingly, however, most file-sharing systems are relatively secure, and the main threat comes not from external threats, but from inside users. User error is a primary cause for data breaches, as they can accidentally expose files to dangerous circumstances or hand over credentials without realizing it. Therefore, something needs to be done in order to guarantee that your files aren’t being exposed to more threats than necessary.

Public and Private Cloud

Depending on the type of cloud solution you implement, you can have full control over the user access and security permissions of your file-sharing system. A public cloud can provide the basic file storage and sharing services that you desire, but if you want maximum security, you’ll want to invest in a private cloud, where your solution is stored on-site. The only problem is that private clouds require extensive management and maintenance that your business might not have time for.

COMPANYNAME can ease this pain point by offering our cloud management solution. If you want to get the most security out of your file-sharing in the cloud, you’ll need expert technicians to monitor and maintain your private cloud server. However, the SMB’s IT budget doesn’t typically allow for this type of flexibility. Outsourcing this responsibility to COMPANYNAME makes your job much easier, as you don’t have to invest the time and resources into it.

To learn more about file-sharing services and cloud computing, reach out to us at PHONENUMBER.

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