Cloud Services in Vancouver

Ensuring Maximum Longevity & Efficiency

What exactly is the cloud? Why should I consider transitioning to it? How do I make the switch, and when’s the right time to do it? We help our clients navigate through these inquiries by offering a transparent roadmap while minimizing the operational expenses and intricacies associated with on-premises infrastructure.

Cloud Services in Vancouver

Cloud services is a lot more than a storage solution. With cloud technology, you get access to on-demand cloud services, from applications to storage and processing power that your business needs to thrive and be high-functioning in today’s business world. To ensure optimal performance of your IT infrastructure, it’s essential to establish a tailored plan incorporating both cloud-based and on-premises applications that specifically cater to your business needs.

Our cloud services combined with  security solutions help you to transform your business operations and data into the latest technology  within a secure environment.

We start with consulting with skilled engineers offering you tailor-made solutions according to your specific needs, all while minimizing costs!

our unique formula

Co-Managed IT Services

Blend your internal IT team with the support, knowledge and expertise of ActiveCo.


Manage risk with a global industry leader in cybersecurity consulting,  and managed security services.

Cloud Solutions

Simplify the transition to cloud computing with  secure and compliant cloud services

IT Consulting

Implement solutions  to align your technology strategies with your business processes and strategies 


Ensure your technology infrastructure meets regulatory standards, on both a national and industry-specific level

Disaster Recovery

Anticipate and address technology-related disasters and recover without the cost or complexity

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