Cybersecurity Services in Vancouver

Deploy Control, Reduce Risk, and Strengthen Your Security

Being the leading provider of cybersecurity services in Vancouver, we provide an extensive array of cybersecurity solutions aimed at safeguarding our clients’ data. From advanced malware detection to defense contracts, we have the necessary solutions and expertise to ensure the security of your data. Recognizing that security is a continuously evolving domain, we consistently update our services to guarantee that our clients remain protected at all times.


Cybersecurity Planning


Email Security Services


Endpoint Security


SIEM Incident Response

Our Cybersecurity Servises for Vancouver Businesses

Our Managed Cybersecurity Services arm you with comprehensive, yet flexible services to monitor, maintain and optimize your IT environment.

Your business needs a personalized cybersecurity plan that can evolve to face new digital threats. At ActiveCo, we first seek to understand where your business currently stands by conducting an in-depth cybersecurity vulnerability assessment to identify security gaps. Our team of cybersecurity experts and vCIOs then work to develop a cybersecurity roadmap tailored to your business.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Services

With ActiveCo’s boosted cybersecurity services, we’ve got your network and endpoints covered with multiple layers of security to tackle the increasing threats in today’s business world. 

Spam Filtering


Security Training

Web Filtering

Network Conf.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning

Firewall Monitoring


Multi-Factor Authentication

As technology advances, cybercrime keeps pace. The old-school security methods just don’t cut it anymore against the ever-changing attack methods in today’s digital landscape. The risks of data theft, breaches, and attacks go beyond just your IT setup. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure you’re well-protected.

At ActiveCo we offer comprehensive security services that not only protect your business but creates an IT infrastructure that supports your short and long-term needs.

We believe a comprehensive cybersecurity services should cover 3 factors:





Understand Your Cybersecurity Posture

Cybersecurity services 

Our cybersecurity assessment provides a comprehensive analysis and review of your IT infrastructure, including detection of vulnerabilities and threats. Discover where you stand in terms of security compared to industry standards and get help to make improvements. Here’s what you’ll get from a cybersecurity assessment:

  • Your risk score
  • A chat with our security experts about your score
  • Practical advice on boosting your security strategy
  • Quick tips and useful resources
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re better protected

Co-Managed IT Services

Blend your internal IT team with the support, knowledge and expertise of ActiveCo.


Manage risk with a global industry leader in cybersecurity consulting,  and managed security services.

Cloud Solutions

Simplify the transition to cloud computing with  secure and compliant cloud services

IT Consulting

Implement solutions  to align your technology strategies with your business processes and strategies 


Ensure your technology infrastructure meets regulatory standards, on both a national and industry-specific level

Disaster Recovery

Anticipate and address technology-related disasters and recover without the cost or complexity

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