Case Study

Our manufacturing client required “remote access from anywhere in the world and strategic IT planning and problem solving”. They got it.


Our client specializes in the design & supply of equipment, systems and plants for mining operations around the world. For Penny L., Manager of Information Systems, she knew they’d made the right decision to use ActiveCo’s managed IT services when she realized the company’s CEO had stopped talking to her about IT issues.

“That was a major step forward for me,” she says. “Prior to that, we were having constant conversations about ongoing IT issues. Everyone was affected. We were lacking strategic management and long-term solutions.”

This company that specializes in the design and supply of equipment, systems and plants for mining operations around the world, had experienced rapid and significant business growth. They’d outgrown their existing IT company and needed someone who could provide both strategic planning and supported growth.

“It was important that we find an IT service provider who could help us focus on preventing problems instead of having to fix them when they came up.”


Penny met with the team from ActiveCo, who used the ActiveCo process to conduct an audit and analysis of their current IT systems. That was followed by recommendations for solutions to address existing IT issues and help prevent additional issues from occurring. “Proactive problem solving, strategic planning and management – it was all there with ActiveCo.”

One of the first things ActiveCo did was a complete rebuild of their servers. Significant changes to the network architecture were also made. In addition, the ActiveCo team recommended a comprehensive backup system as well which, Penny notes, “…has helped us out a couple of times with data recovery.”

Similar to other manufacturing companies that work closely with the mining sector, this client has offices in multiple countries – Austria, the UK and Ghana. One of the most important issues Penny needed a solution for was to establish a standardized environment that would simplify things for their travelling employees.“We needed flexibility across the board. A stable environment was needed so our engineers could use their software. And we wanted to make sure that our employees – no matter where they were – would have access to the information and resources they required to do their jobs.”

“For us, it was about making sure our staff had both access and the support they needed. When you’re half way around the world, you have limited resources when it comes to connecting to the internet.”


A more stable environment with less downtime and solid IT support: ActiveCo delivered on all three. It’s just further proof that the ActiveCo process works, no matter if there’s a small IT department in place or none at all.

With a solid rapport built up between her and the ActiveCo team, Penny reaches out to them for advice and support, particularly when she’s looking for solutions or doing some strategic planning. “I’ll ask about a piece of software or making a change to the IT architecture or the IT environment and they’ll come back to me with recommendations. It’s a business relationship built on trust and I take great comfort in knowing that their decisions are made based on whether or not it will be good for our business and if it will contribute to our growth and success.”

The ActiveCo process is an integrated approach that combines ongoing expertise, knowledge, strategic IT management and client support – is what sets ActiveCo apart from other IT providers. It’s why Penny considers them part of her team. “Working together, we focus not just on the day-to-day tactical issues, but also on the long-term IT plans for the company.”

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