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ActiveCo is proud to have hosted Take Our Kids to Work Day, on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018; an annual event where students step into their future for a day and get a glimpse into the working world. 

The day involves students in Grade 9 spending the day in the workplace of a parent, relative, friend or volunteer host, where they experience and learn about the world of work.

ActiveCo is participated this year with someone very special, our Controller’s daughter came in to lend a helping hand and learning what it’s like to work a full day at technology support & consulting firm (ActiveCo!). 

By participating in Take Our Kids to Work Day, students are able to learn about a variety of careers, industries, and sectors. Take Our Kids to Work Day also creates a great opportunity for employee engagement within the workplace. It is an event that encourages team building, productivity, social interactions, and employee involvement can significantly boost morale around the office! The Take Our Kids to Work Day event is a great avenue for strengthening company culture and employee relationships with the organization and as well with each other.







Will your organization be participating? The Learning Partnership is a Canadian charity that prepares students to thrive in a diverse, connected and changing world. We leverage the best thinking from educators, business, and government to deliver experiential programs for students that cultivate entrepreneurial thinking and support social emotional learning. Since 1993, we have been helping build the foundations for students to solve tomorrow’s challenges. For more information, please visit The Learning Partnership Online.


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